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Aquamarina Luxury Residences  

Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

"Attentive Staff"
Posted by: mary on May 28, 2014
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I had doubts about this place before going as I didn’t get good enough reviews on the place and didn’t want to risk it but I went ahead and rented a place here during my short stay in Punta Cana. The reason I stayed eventually was because there was no time for me to book a place so I settled for Aqua Marina and it wasn’t that bad. The hotel management definitely needs to think about renovating some things but every other thing checked out. The rooms were great, mine was great to be precise and everything was in working condition until one day it broke down. The shower had some problems but once I called on one of the staff’s attention to it, a repair man was sent to my room and it was repair. The rooms are quite clean and as far as customer service goes, they hotel staff were all nice to me, pleasant and very friendly. The location is just perfect as it is close to the beach. The beach and marina were very appealing and that was part of the things I loved about the place. My room had a balcony with an amazing ocean view that got me smiling. The balcony has outdoor chairs for sitting and I would always sit out to enjoy to cool breeze. The décor of the rooms are very nice and appealing and the beds and sheets were all clean. I will say something though, I expected more from the hotel but the services are just okay, nothing special.

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My girlfriend and I were both very happy here. Everything is brand new the apartment is very clean and the wifi works great too. I’ve been to the Dominican 3 times this year already and this was truly the best trip of them all. We will definitely be staying here again! Thank Evelyn for all your patience while we decided where we would stay, I’m very happy we chose your place!

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