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My wife and i left Halifax Mar.21.7:00 am. No problem with airport,flew first class,great start,everyone happy ! Touch down Puerto Plata just after 10.Airport very user friendly,very quick. Hotel check-in… nightmare,one girl working Transat counter,took too long.Fellow vacationers were like angry mob,bad start of vacations. Ederly lady ahead of us,wanted room changed to first floor,we had first floor room .. so we switched,out of respect for age.Big mistake,lady wanted different first floor room than we offered,but too late for us.We couldn’t get original room back, no problemo.. until 5p.m we finally gotten room. Didn’t really worry,we’re on vacation.Upgrade to prestege class,waste of money.Fruit basket means warm fruit on plate covered with clear wrap.Fruit fly thingies (wingless) loved it! So much so, had to fumagate our entire unit 2 days later.I hope DDT is banned in D.R. OK " we’re on vacation" At Barcelo resort,wealthy Dominicans can buy inclusive day or weekend passes( not sure of fee’s)who then it seems to have priority for services.Lots of french Quebec guests,some rude,most not.Don’t bother to learn Spanish ,learn French,communication easier.Food at buffet too repeatitive,and way too salty.Wait staff very friendly and fast.Al-carte restaurants were O.k.Brazillian rest. sword skewers of meat,and meat,and more meat,felt like rock in stomach when finished.Other al-carte’s OK. Disco… don’t bother,way too dark.Only lights are flashing strobe,felt nausas and dizzy.Music good 3-4 American dance songs 7-8 spanish beat music( not good beats)Pool was too quiet,we don’t want spring break crazy,but something in background would’ve been nice.( maybe Spanish beat music,lol)Beach clean,water warmer than pool,except motor oil from excursion boats floating with you.Entertainment was good,starts late9:30 over at 10:30-11 ,then nothing,except disco.Lots of seniors there,so felt like retirement home,not being disrespectful but I mean 75 plus.

Room Number:

Room Block:

Airport -Quick , Check-in very slow

Air too cold first day,then stopped working. Fruitfly thingies everywhere. cd player/alarm clock doesn’t play burnt cd’s.Bed ( 2 3/4 beds pulled together) too short,I’m 5’10 and feet over hang, from ankles on.Fridge not cold enough,no adjustment.2 Coke 2Sprite 2 water 1 beer. Maid service very good,cleaned daily about 3p.m

Restaurants and Bars:
Lobby bar too quiet,no music. Bar service terrible.Table service excellent,she had to make her own drinks too,I hope she didn’t share her tips.Carmen,wonderful server,practiced some Spanish with her,gave me the short terms of speech.Very nice.Makes an awesome latte.Evening lobby bar servive ,after show… don’t bother unless you can find a spot at bar counter and speak Spanish and look like Dom. super model.Pool bar busy,locals have one side of bar,tourists have other.Room for for 4 customers on tourist side.Ask for drink(in English)if they don’t understand you get rum/coke.Above pool bar,snack bar excellant,no problems with drinks and snacks.Show bar closed as soon as show finished.If you’re waiting at that time…too bad-closed.

clean,some sellers ,not too bothersome.Lots of chairs,find them early though.You can buy them with your fridge drinks the day before though,offer your drinks for chairs the next day,even security with help you with that,or money. Pool chilly until 11, closes at 6p.m a little early i think.Ground very mature growth and clean

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
same pool activities every 3 hours.Night time shows were o k some funny,some not.did Puerto Plata /Sousa beach tour.Should call it shopping tour,every where you visited,something(usually same things) for sale.Guide "Andy" very informative and very personable.

Other Comments:
Thinking problem is … We’ve stayed at Melia ,Punta Cana 5* last vacation,and compared Barcelo to it. Barcelo 3.5* not 4 ,and certainly not 5*

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