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Just returned from two weeks at the Barcelo Premium. In summary, the property was good value for this shoulder season. (Mexican tourists outnumbered the gringos) But, I would not pay the high season price. The property is located in a small cove too far south of PV on a slow coastal road. The last brand name south of PV. It might not matter if this was a full resort. But, it is a small property. The beach in front of the hotel is narrow and disappears at extreme high tide. Moreover, the southern location makes it inconvenient for tours that leave downtown early in the morning. And, the buses stop running at 10pm. On the other hand, you could spend a day exploring the network of small roads and tracks on the hillside. Bring a pair of binoculars in the early morning for the many feathered friends. On the plus side, the rooms are suites with two sitting rooms and two HDTV. The bathroom (mine had no tub) is executive class with many good design features. Good lighting and no shortage of electrical outlets. The balcony is of a good size able to seat several people. The ocean breeze keeps the hotel cool. Never had to use air-condition. The outstanding feature was the food. It was surprisingly good in the buffet. That said, they did not seem to be able to do the roast right. It was either overcooked or undercooked. Moreover, the fish (probably local) was not up to standard. Fortunately, the hotel restaurants are quite decent. Areas of improvement include the theater entertainment. The dancers and singers gave their 100% but were crippled by the poor lighting and limited choreography. Don’t know if this is typical of Mexico. I was very disappointed in the spotty service and poor cleanliness in the buffet. The buffet officially opens at 0730. But one morning napkins and coffee wasn’t ready at 0800. Check the stacked plates carefully for smudges and huge dirt specks. P.S. There are mosquitoes in the pool area by the shady areas. There’s a bad sand fly problem near the end of the public beach. Beware.

In conclusion, I would rate the hotel overall 4/5 if the beach wasn’t an issue. As a premium experience, my stay was let down by the service, cleanliness and pest problems.

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