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Bayahibe The old fishing town Bayahibe with its colorful houses and excellent beaches was founded in 1874 and is a great choice when you are looking for a relaxing vacation in an original beach town. I have been coming back to Bayahibe for the white sand of the Bayahibe and Dominicus beaches, the cute little harbor and many wonderful restaurants.

From Bayahibe, I visited Saona Island more than once. The last time, I boarded a converted fishing boat and listened the whole journey to two old fishermen who were digging up some exciting tales of past adventures. The incredible serene tropical beach, crystal clear water, and a sea floor covered with starfish are a sight I will always remember! more…

After a long international flight to Santo Domingo airport, I do not always feel like driving for a couple of hours to my final destination. The trip to Bayahibe, however, is made worthwhile thanks to the incredible views one comes upon while driving through the Boca de Chavon Valley. Bayahibe, a little seaside town was nearly untouched by tourism until the late 1990’s and although the original way of life has changed considerably since that time, I feel that Bayahibe is still a very romantic place where village life is slow paged. I love to visit one of the seafood restaurants that serve the daily catch the fishermen just brought in. Bayahibe has two beaches, Playa Bayahibe, a public beach close to the town center and Dominicus Beach where the all- inclusive resorts are located. Bayahibe sits on the edge of Parque Nacional de Este, which for the largest part consists of tropical forest and also includes the Islands Saona and Catalinita. At least 120 different kinds of birds can be spotted here. The Coral reefs of the coast of Bayahibe offer some of the best diving and snorkeling opportunities in the Dominican Republic. No wonder that there are at least 10 diving schools in the area one can choose from.

How to get there

La Romana International Airport is the most convenient airport to fly to, since it is only a 25 minutes drive away from Bayahibe. Santo Domingo and Punta Cana Airports are other options but will add a 2-hour drive to your travelling time. A car rental, taxi or airport transfer are your main options to get from either Santo Domingo or Punta Cana to your final destination, Bayahibe

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Tours and excursions

If you go to Bayahibe, I highly recommend you take the 45-minute boat ride to Saona Island and/or visit Isla Catalinita. Apart from being prime examples of a perfect tropical beach, these islands are excellent locations to come eye to eye with a wide variety of marine life including sea turtles, eagle rays and some sharks. Another excursion I really enjoyed took me to the Cueva de las Maravillas (Cave of Wonders) that are located midway on the highway from San Pedro de Macoris to La Romana. The caves include Taino cave paintings and are partly accessible by wheelchair. I still remember how the guides made me laugh so hard I ended up having the hiccups. Another day that same vacation, I drove with some friends to Altos de Chavon, a copy of a 16th Century cobblestone village that sits atop a cliff overlooking the Chavon River. The town has lovely restaurants, small boutiques, an amphitheater and even a small Catholic church, which could be great for a Dominican wedding!

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