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We arrived on a Monday- uneventful flight- by AIRTRANSAT- landed in Puerto Plata, and easily found our way to the bus, and awaiting mini trailer which carries your luggage to your hotel we arrived around 11 am and within 1 hour we had our room, a Jr. suite poolside, facing ocean/beach and pool our room had a few issues on the first day- toilet ran 24/7 jacuzzi didn’t have a plug so we couldn’t use it,.. and patio doors would not lock We reported all this to reception who sent someone to check things out by end of day 1 we moved to a different block- next door our toilet was fine, our jacuzzi held water, our patio door locked, but our maid never never once did anything above and beyond general bed making, and towels. The bed wasn’t comfortable either, but we didnt complain The food made us sick, and the whole week we all had problems with Diarreah By the weekend the resort had 1200 locals arrive as new residents to the rort, and they hogged the pool, brs, and food at buffet, one Sunday morning we had no food for breakfast! none… not even scraps…. my husband is diabetic… and needed regular meals, and protein. he headed for the snack bar…. where he was met with a local women who took the food off his plate and on to hers! he gave up and he went to get a siet coke at the pool side bar, he was pushed aside almost into the pool by locals… by now he & most of the otehr Canadians were irrate, and had some tales of their own to share the most diffcult part was all the walking, the hills, stairs, huge huge resort…. and we were sore, and tired, out of breath before even getting to a resteraunt, to eat… the staff was friendly we loved DANNY and MELVIN & CEASAR HOLA guys you are the BEST but we needed to have a change, after spending $$$$ on this vacation you want it to be a positive experience we spoke to asst manager, who was so kind, and helpful he arranged for us to be transferred to the Be Live Marien (owened by same hotel chain ) where we would not have the hills and stairs to all the buffets, or pools…

Room Number:

Arrival: fast, access to our room

pleasant staff

Rooms: clean but too big, and empty

was expecting more furniture … more room from family to come visit & sit and chat

Restaurants and Bars: tasty food but we all got sick…

and still are sick over 2 weeks later

Beach/Pools/Grounds: lovley, exotic, lavish pools but when locals arrive you cant hardly see space for you to go in the pool not enjoyable at all

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: nightly shows good team

Other Comments:
for young and in shape ppl who dont mind walking, climbing all day long every day just to swim or eat, or change clothes


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