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Like many others, I read alot of reviews and was skeptical about going to this resort. Most of what people said turned out to be somewhat true but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. My hubby & I went with another couple plus we met a group of others there and we have a great time. The most important thing to us was that we didn’t get sick from the food and NONE of us did so we were happy with that.

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We arrived at 11:30am but I room wasn’t ready until 3pm so we had to leave our luggage up front and wait 3 1/2 hours! That wasn’t too impressive but hey, what do you do? We had some drinks in the lobby and hung out…….we didn’t want to move too far from our luggage. It worked out fine.

Our room was fine. It was big, nice balcony, king size bed. Air conditioning worked well, ceiling fan was helpful. We had a cockroach in our room one night, but that could happen anywhere I guess. Our friends had no bug issues at all.

Restaurants and Bars: The Pearl buffet was good. Lots to choose from, pasta bar, something for everyone! The Costa Blanca buffet next door was a little better…more of a selection for sure. The shuttle can take you over and back if you wish…or you can walk along the beach to get there. Sunday’s dinner kind of ticked me off. There are NO restaurants open on Sunday (The Pearl or Costa Blanca) so you have no choice to make your way to the "party" in a field somewhere to eat. The set up is beautiful but chaos! There must have been thousands of people there all trying to eat at once. The food was absolutely amazing though! HUGE selection and very well put together! There are shuttles to take you but with hundreds of people trying to go at once…it was not enjoyable. Not sure what the purpose is of closing the other buffets but I guess that’s what they do EVERY Sunday. Must be clean up day!

Drinks – beer is good, rum & coke is OK…..but that’s it! All other drinks are nothing but sugar! Seriously, SUGAR. Pina colada, banana mama, coco loco…way too sweet. They don’t make mohito’s and its hard to get a mimosa out of them! Their wine is horrible, it was grape juice – end of story! Being a wine lover, that put a damper on my vacation. I ended up purchasing 3 bottles of wine there throughout the week!

We have NO complaints about the pools/beaches. Gorgeous! Plenty of chairs/loungers for everyone.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We’ve been to other 4 1/2 stars and this one lacked activities in our eyes. Could be because it was sooooo big and we just weren’t in the right place at the right time. Who knows?

Other Comments: This resort is HUGE and I strongly suggest you do not go here if you have mobility issues. There is ALOT of walking, alot of stairs and it can get quite hot so it’s not fun!

As for the maid service…it was NOT good. I always understood that in any hotel everything is cleaned and replenished every day. Not the case in this hotel. The only thing they did every day was made our bed. The towels weren’t touched, water wasn’t replaced, any used toiletries were not replaced. If you asked (and gave a sweet tip!) they would give you a couple of new bath towels and a litre of water, that’s it (no new hand towels, no faceclothes). Not impressive at all! Plus, I don’t think they even CLEANED the washroom……………good thing I brought lysol wipes! lol

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