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I really didn’t like this place, everything was just wrong about this place. It is true that it is the best choice if you are on a budget, it is inexpensive and economical but it is not the best when it comes to quality. Let me start by saying that the owner is rude and behaved as if she didn’t care if I and my partner were comfortable or not all she wanted was her payment and that was it. The walls of the rooms are quite dirty and we could see bug stains on the wall as well and when we asked to change the room the owner refused. We only stayed for one night and that was it, we had to leave to another hotel because we just couldn’t bear it. The room was dirty and so was the bathroom and there was no hot water. I don’t think they clean the rooms daily if not we wouldn’t have met it in the state we did. The bed sheets were looking dirty and a bit moist and we asked them for a new one and they said they didn’t have any that was when decided that it was enough. Let me just say in summary that the service is zero, the rooms are zero and less value, the only good thing about this place is that it is cheap and that’s it. The owner Christina should improve with her customer service skills and also get people to clean the rooms out. I am not coming back here again; I had a horrible experience here.

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