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This is my first time in Cuba and I can say that this is a pretty nice hotel. There was some stuff that bothered me, there is for sure room for improvement, but I can say that I am pretty much satisfied with the experience I had at this hotel.

The hotel is pretty far from the airport, I had some problems getting there and I don’t know how, but the taxi driver could not find the hotel. Nevertheless, the taxi ride was cheap, so it was not a big problem. When I arrived there, the staff was nice, they helped me right away with my bags. I had to wait less than an hour for the rooms to be ready, so that was good.

The rooms were ok. Not as clean as they should be, not as big as they should be, but all in all, ok. The beds were not ok. I had problems sleeping on the bed and the pillows were just awful. They have to do something about those pillows. The toilet was good, it was clean, there were enough clean towels and there was hot water all the time. In the room there is a fridge, so you can put anything you like there and have a midnight snack.

Restaurants and Bars:
I didn’t like the food. It was not well prepared and it didn’t have a good taste. The waiters nevertheless were really nice and they tried their best to offer us anything that we could like. The other restaurants outside this hotel were expensive.

The pool was nice, it was clean and the beach was breathtaking. As I stated, I’ve never been to Cuba before, so I can say that I was amazed by the beaches and the water. More than beautiful.

Other Comments:
This is a decent hotel. This time I traveled alone, but I sure plan to return next year with friends or with my partner. I would recommend this hotel to anyone that wants to spend a nice time in Cuba. The thing that I liked about this hotel is that it wasn’t as expensive as the other hotels here. Have a nice vacation and don’t try the food.

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