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We arrived on a Thursday Air Canada Vacations Checked in at 1;30 ish am found our room by ourselves,lucky for us we had a small flashlight. Where do I Begin ,no hot water or water pressure for 41/2 days ,dirty room , dirty sheets lack of towels and my personal favorite BEDBUGS ,they may have come from the old metal cot that took 2 days to be removed Our Air Canada rep spoke to hotel staff and our room was fumigated ,but the bugs persisted, our bed sheets were never changed,the housekeeper said there was a problem in the laundry, Our in room coffee pot did not work. the washroom (female) adjacent to the main buffet restaurant , had four stalls ,two of the toilets lacked toilet seats and the floors were always very wet. I ate fish 80% of the time as meats were not refrigerated and would sit in the open on trays, salad dressings were not refrigerated either. There were massive amounts of cigarette butts and plastic glasses littering a Beautiful beach. Most resorts rake the beached at night to remove debris, and a lot of the beach chairs were broken. On our last day we packed up our belonging sealed the plastic bags in our suitcases. for our trip home. This was our third trip to Cuba and will most likely be our Last

Room Number:

Have someone help guests to there room if it is a late arrival Have more staff on to meet with arriving flights

Clean them, and not with dirty rag mops in dirty water,Clean sheets, clean floors, appliances that will function. Patio doors with working locks or at least a bar to make sure there is no unauthorized access. Make sure the hot water is working and with water pressure is there for your guests. Guests shouldn’t have to complain to their Vacation Reps to be taken seriously by Resort staff. I wasn’t expecting chocolates on my pillow, I was expecting basic ammenities I was not expecting bed bugs in our room,I was not expecting hotel staff to attribute the bites on my face and head and arms as sand fleas,I am not an Ostritch,

Restaurants and Bars: The serving staff was excellent. the food was mot what one would expect from a 4 star resort Cleanliness, refrigeration keeping mayonnaise based sauces cold is a basic in food preparation, I ate fish I did not think that it was safe to eat meat or egg products . Sweet Potatoes are also known as Yams, not white potatoes in white sugar sauce. Orange juice is not a powdered fruit drink. Coffee /Tea should be served at all meals, not just at breakfast.

Sewage lagoons should not be placed, where guests have to traverse them, to arrive or leave at the main Buffett area, the odor in the air at 25degrees celcius is overwhelming and nauseating

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Clean the beaches ,they are not giant ashtrays, Pick up plastic cups or at least provide garbage cans/ashtrays.

Remove broken beach chairs, prove to you guests that you really care about their well being and want them to have a positive opinion of your hotel. Have one designated Adult pool where there is not excessive alcohol and swearing. I don’t like playing lifeguard to strangers children’

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