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My husband and I have just returned from a wonderful vacation! This hotel is still new and so clean and luxurious. We really loved the people (staff). People leave their stressful lives for a week or two and want to go somewhere where they can kick back and relax at a slower pace. It amazed us to see some people who were extremely uptight and demanding. Poor them and poor staff! Service was fine unless of course you have a drinking problem and require huge glasses of alcohol every 30 seconds. We found the food to be delicious! Always a good variety to choose from. Some of the food tasted different but then we were in a different country so it was fun to be a little adventerous! Always good pasta, bread, seafood and grilled meat. It seemed to us that many people went with a superior attitude. Arriving with an attitude of "impress me" I was ashamed of some of my fellow Canadians and their treatment of staff.

The locals there have so little yet they love to talk about their country with such pride, very genuine and loving people. We could all take a cue from them. Amenities were great, beautiful rooms and beach. Wonderful natured people. We would definately go back!

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