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From the moment that I arrived the customer service was very polite, informative, and just made you feel like as though you were royalty. The lobby area is busy (in a good way) with pool tables, family movie area, gym, jewelry shop, gift shop, slot machines, arcades, local destination signup table, and photo room. The elevators were experiencing difficulties from time to time, but there were 3 of them in the evenly spaced lobby. There was plenty of food, all of which was to die for. Make reservations for the very romantic Italian restaurant, as well as the very entertaining Japanese one. Everyday minute of everyday seems like there is something happening from nightly beach entertainment to concerts to parties off sight with shuttle bus provided. The Secluded Island is amazing and very relaxing. Plenty of kid activities from their own water slide, playroom and restrooms (very child friendly, but hardly notice they’re there if your there to relax). There are plenty of inclusive water actives, buffet food, and drinks. NEGETIVES- Elevators, misquotes at night (they spray often, but it’s the region so pack OFF spray), aggressive salesmen by the sea (they are not with Breezes, however they’re right there) (once you see they’re "stores" you understand why, and cannot tip the employees that work so hard. Overall- Great place to relax, get away, party, and spend with the family.

Room Number:

Pretty well organized, new management new systems you can tell that some employees are still adjusting. Pay attention to the sights during the shuttle ride in from the airport and you will see that the people are either rich or poor there is no middle class.

The rooms are like a cheap motel; however the suites are much nicer and suitable for families or people looking to spend time inside. The rooms with balconies facing the tennis court are annoying because the A/C fans are pretty loud; however, the mountainside view is amazing with the quiet view of the mountains, houses, trees, blue water ocean, and the sun bring in the new day very nice. With so much going on outside who cares.

Restaurants and Bars:
From time to time the bar will run out of ice, but they fill it up very quickly. The drinks are made very well and taste very consistent throughout the resort. You must make reservations at 9am at the guest services desk to attend either the Italian or Japanese restaurant. The Italian restaurant is very romantic, the food is outstanding, and very laidback. The Japanese restaurant is an amazing experience for anyone as the chiefs prepares the food right in front of you, they are very animated as they cook and sing it’s an amazing show; by the way the food is amazing as well. The buffet is always stocked and everything taste amazing and made with love, you can taste it. Don’t be afraid to try anything new or that you have tried before these chiefs are good, the food is fresh, and very well seasoned.

The beach is full of actives, and all you have to do is signup. The beach looks brand new each morning before 7am all of the chairs are straight, cups, plates, and seaweed have been removed. The pools are clean and you see them constantly testing. There are 3 hot tubes located outside to relax in, and they surrounded by grape, almond, and banana tree with lights at night. There are tables to drink and pool tables (not the best playing surface, but cool idea)inside of the pools; as well as, a swim up bar with seats. The grounds are very clean, and often very busy with people but not chaotic.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
On the resort they have a people perform at night as you dine outside, karaoke in the center of the lobby at night, beach party entertainment, a club called Bubbles for the nightlife crowd, and much more. Off the resort they have a club across the street, and the resort provides a shuttle bus to a club a little further away.

Other Comments:
The people who work there work very hard in providing you the best experience possible, and they do so with positive attitude that is very contiguous and will make you leave with the resort with a greater appreciation for what you have once you see how most of them are forced to live. They do not complain but rather come off as if they enjoy and value your company. I do not write reviews but I felt as though it was only right if I did something for this company that provide many employees a chance to work that want to work, and again they have sent me home with greater appreciation for life.

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