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Your Arrival:
Arrival as always was seamless. Landed at Sangster, breezed through customs, and we were on our way on the bus within about 20 minutes after getting to the Superclubs lounge. After arriving at the resort (about an hour drive) we checked in, and we were in our room with our luggage within 15 minutes of getting off the bus.

Rooms are standard, nothing special. They could definitely use some upgrading, but who really spends that much time in your room when you are steps from the beach and its 85 degrees outside. Yes the rooms are musty at first but after you run the ac for a bit you dont even notice it. We had no problems with our room, was cleaned everyday, towels always stocked, safe worked. I wouldnt have minded better pillows, but I didnt asked for additional pillows so I cant complain.

Restaurants and Bars: Since their redid parts of the resort they have added the Japanese restaurant which by far is my favorite. The Italian (Pastafari) I could do without. I wasnt too impressed with the food their. Starlight grill I have always liked on my trip, and the reggae cafe is great for snack and late night jerk chicken runs. The buffet is average with a few standouts. The pasta bar at lunch was amazing, ate that a few times in the 10 days I was there, along with the callaloo, fried festival, and fish at breakfest.

No complaints at all about the bars…except that maybe they got me a little too tipsy on occasion lol. They have top shelf local and non local liquor. bartenders are great (alshane, jason, nate, Kerrol and lennox…best bartenders ever), always happy to make whatever. make sure you ask them for their special drinks they each have their own. My personal fav was the Alshane special at the pool bar. yummy.

Personally I think the beach here is great. Always clean, plenty of chairs, and great snorkeling right off the resort. Pools are warm and always clean. The grounds are keep meticulously clean and trimmed. There is always someone doing something…cutting grass, trimming shrubs, painting, or cleaning walkways.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Plenty to do on the resort. There is an activities board in the lobby that will list what is going on that day. The entertainment staff (Jason, Dwayne, Kandi, Verona, and Aldean) have games going all day long. Beach olympics, drinking games, bingo, rum mixology, jamaican dance class..theres always something going. THe more you participate the better time you will have. Each day has a theme…pj night is tuesdays, toga night is thursdays. There is the all white party, We were there for Halloween so there was a costume party. Your vacation is what you make it so participate and get to know people, you will have that much more fun. The disco at night is fun usually most of the time i am there. Be forewarned if you get offended easily it does get kind of crazy in there sometimes. Body shots, lap dances, and some serious bumping and grinding are commonplace. Its all in good fun…

Other Comments:
I have been to this resort several times, and I always have a great time. The resort can get kind of rowdy depending on what groups are there so it may be noisy sometimes umtil 2, 3, even 4am. My main piece of advice (and I cant say it enough) is TO GET INVOLVED AND MEET PEOPLE…your vacation will be that more memorable.

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