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We were extremely disappointed with the state of the hotel, particularly the rooms and “fitness” center. With our multiple trips with Air Transat in the past and the Brisas chain, we did not expect to have such a terrible time there. It was so bad that we had to switch rooms over a period of four days, four times! The first room was not clean, was missing closet doors, phone, lock for front door, towels etc. The safe was in pieces and the front door had so many holes in it that someone had filled them in with toilet paper which I can only guess keep out the bugs? The second room on day two had no deadbolt and only needed the safe fixed. Day three with a chair against the door at night and the safe now fixed, the floor collapsed! We were told just not to walk on the side of the room until the next day. Day four – room no. three, filthy!! Mud everywhere, not made up, no deadbolt, broken lock etc. and we were expected to take that room as is. Day four afternoon – room four, finally everything works, so we get what we paid for, for three days of the seven day stay.

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I suspect that Brisas Covarrubias was previously a Nolitours property; now being listed as an Air Transat location and profiting off of Air Transat’s reputation. At least when you paid “Nolitours” prices, you knew not to expect much and got what you paid for.

One pool with two sides is not considered “two pools”. Without the working pool-bar as advertised, this at best was a children’s wading pool and was utilized as such.

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I have seen better “fitness” rooms in eastern European one star hotels in the 80’s. A broken weight station and non-functioning treadmill shoved into an old hotel room does not constitute something worthy of a selling feature

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