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  Caliente Caribe   Gerry ~ Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

March 2009

Arrival: Feb 13 – 20
Airport pickup is included in the price and there was a taxi waiting for me with a sign with my name clearly displayed. This is like my 35th trip to DR so I knew exactly what to expect. It is about 1.5 hours drive and the road is a bit rough (some people at the resort commented). Once at the resort I was met at the entrance and my bag was transferred from the taxi to a resort vehicle. I asked about checking in, filling out forms, signing something and was told none of that was needed and I was driven to the building and shown my room. There was a club sandwich and two cold cans of beer waiting for me. I knew things were going to be awesome!

My room was very large and seemed a bit scarce on furniture even though, there was a king sized bed, dresser, coffee type table as well as TV and another table suitable for working on my laptop. The bathroom was equally huge with a stool and counter with a mirror. Shower only but extremely large as well.

Restaurants and Bars
The main restaurant had seating for about 100 ? I guess. No buffet strictly a la carte. All meals were just that step above anything I had seen in DR before (I do tend to choose budget place though) All lunches were served buffet style at the beach bar not quite as elegant but varied and always a choice. The beach bar was also very good although they were having some trouble with the draft beer dispenser. Many top shelf liquors were included. I don’t drink much but I did see Jim Beam, Jose Cuervo, Baily’s and a few more. All staff were wonderful and more than willing to go the extra mile if required. I was a bit frustrated with flat beer and I mentioned it and it wasn’t long till some cold cans appeared.

The beach gets the lowest points in this review, it is quite small and the bottom is a bit rough I did not swim in the ocean. There are three pools,the upper pool with swim up bar is not heated and is quite refreshing it is large and has a conversation pool area as well as steps leading into the pool that make it easy to ease into it. The lower pools by the beach, one is exclusively used for volleyball ant the other is more for relaxing than swimming as it is kept way too warm for me. The grounds are wonderful there is always crew working on the lawns picking up all leaves that have fallen cutting or knocking down any coconuts that may become a hazard always pristine. Oh yeah when I say upper and lower I mean 58 steps difference up and down (helps burn off some of the extra calories) seems a bit much but it really wasn’t bad at all, there is also a slightly longer route with no steps just gradual incline. May not be that good for those with mobility problems.

Other Comments This resort is clothes optional and is run with the highest level of professionalism. I have read some reviews that indicated some visitors had encountered some public expressions of sexuality but I assure you that there was no such activities going on while I was there.I would strongly recommend anyone thinking about visiting Caliente Caribe to do it you will not be disappointed.

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  Caliente Caribe   Lyril ~ Pennsylvania

July 2008

This is the fourth year in a row that my partner and I have vacationed at Caliente Caribe. As always the food was exceptional and the wait staff is unbelievable. We have gotten to know some of the empoyees so well that vacation feels like visiting good friends. You can’t help but succumb to their warmth, gnerosity and genuine concern in your well being.

The resort is beautiful and the grounds are well manicured. Over the years the rooms have all been upgraded, have air conditioning and television and are spacious as well as clean and comfortable.

The beach is small and ocean access is only for those with water shoes. Even then you must avoid the broken concrete chunks, rocks and spiny sea urchins. Being on the Atlantic side of the island and without a break wall barrier the ocean rarely gets ideal for snorkeling and their isn’t much of a reef or fish to speak of.

The pools overlook the ocean and the view is fantastic. The two hot tubs are nice even if the one by the lower pool has had consisitenltly over the past 4 years, excessive heating/cooling issues.

Caliente Caribe’s rules say they do not condone or permit open sexual activity but this year that was not the case. A group from Caliente Tampa stayed at the resort and drugs, and open sexual acitivity in the pools and hot tub were definitely in fashion. This group was brought in and accompanied by one of the Caliente shareholders so I presume that Caliente is going the way of ‘Hedonism’ and the like. It is public knowledge that Caliente Tampa is hosting monthly ‘Swinger’ events so it stands to reason that Caribe may be permitting ‘Swinger’ patricipants and activity to be mixed in with that of their usual clientele. I do believe that for the sake of unknowing guests that they make note of this change in their publicized rules.

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