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El Neptuno

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Last reviewed Oct 12, 2014 Calypso Beach Hotel  

Caracol Esq 20, Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

"maximum security"
Posted by: ava on Jun 22, 2014
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Well, if you have ever been to Boca Chica, you would know that it is a beautiful place to have your vacation in so I was caught up in enjoying the city that I really didn’t mind the hotel but let me just give a short review if this hotel in which I stayed in January 2014 while on vacation. One thing is clear though about this place, there is maximum security as you will see security men in the compound with shot guns so I felt very safe. It is a pretty basic hotel with renovated lobby and basic rooms. The rooms are good, mine was a bit dark but clean and tidy. The bathroom also is clean and in good working condition. I loved that almost every staff I came in contact with knew how to speak a little bit of English language so communication wasn’t a big problem. The maid service was great and your room will be tidied often. You will be given breakfast in the morning and it tasted nice, great selection of food by the way. The beach is not far from this hotel just about five minutes walk and you are there. The staff was very helpful and tried to be friends with the guests in a professional way so kudos to them for trying to establish good rapports with their guests. It’s a good place to crash when you are in Boca Chica and I recommend it to you, I will be coming back here soon.

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