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I may have mentioned in previous thread that I wanted a memory candle to light for my mum who died 3 years ago.Can anyone tell me where I can get one from online as the UK based ones aren’t able to do what I want.We have just under 10 weeks to sort it out.Below is what I want to do:We would like to order a plain large white candle with no graphics or images. We would like to put 2 verses onto the candle, one on the front & one on the back if possible with burgundy writing (or if not then silver writing). Below is what we would like to do: (Front of candle)In Loving MemoryOn Our Wedding DayHayley & Paul17th September 2007 Today we pause to reflect uponThose who have shaped our characterMolded our spirits and touched our heartsMay the lighting of this candleBe a reminder of the memories we have sharedA representation of the everlasting impactYou have made upon our lives (On back of candle)Alhough death has separated us physicallyFaith and love have bound us eternallyThough we cannot see youWe know you are hereThough we cannot touch youWe feel the warmth of your smileAs we begin a new chapter in our livesThanks for any help you can give with this. she’s a friend of mine and did plenty for my wedding, actually talked me through my pew bows, if that isn’t a laugh and a half considering I am all the way over here in America and she is in Australia! She did an absolutely fanstastic job on my weding candle which btw is the "trista" candle. ;D I could go on and on, she shipped immediatly I had my things in no time at all.Good lucky! I hope your day is fab!


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