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Sunquest just cancelled the rest of the season to Nassau from Halifax tonight!Thats just means more people will be scrambling for March break. grrrrThose poor people, its not fun trying to find something especially when there not much left now!Good Luck everyone. Maybe the early bird will get the worm if you are reading this now!Happy Travels!
what?..where did you find this out??..I didnt hear anything or receive anything about this..still showing deals on their site out of Halifax??do you mean they aren’t booking any further trips, or that even those who are booked they arent taking??

I am booked to leave in 2 weeks!!

Sorry Monctonguy,But we have been told their last Flight out of Halifax is Feb 19th, 2012 for the 2011/2012 season.I’m sure if you are booked with an agent you will hear from them soon. If you booked online I’m not sure when you will find out, as I am not familiar with their procedures for online.Good luck booking something else for your dates. Its so frustrating that the carriers can do what ever they want to do.

Happy Travels!

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