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Hello, we have stayed for only 1(one) weeks from oct.8th to oct.15th my father and i. First, that you book with Casa Marina Beach or Casa Marina Reef, you will arrive at the same front desk/reception, the linked both of them to the same entrance. Even though it’s a low season, i believe there should be a better/wider variety of buffet or "a la carte". There was only one restaurant open for the buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner plus another one for the "snack" which was a basic burger/hot-dog salad bar. Unfortunately, i was expecting some more Dominican Fresh Fruit such as Passion Fruit, Guabana… but weren’t available. Food is of good quality though, but the choice at the buffet stay little. You wont have any food between 4pm and 6:30pm, and bars close by 11pm except the one by the night club which i believe was 1am(not sure). What was not mentioned to us was that the "a la carte" option of mexican/italien/sea food was free and we could go there 2-3 times in the week compare to what it says in the "flyer"(1 per week). The "a la carte" is free unless you chose some specific item such as lobsters. If you want to go out of the resort in the little town bars and restaurants, feel free, it’s safe enough, drinks are decently cheap, if a Dominican person eat somewhere, it’s a good sign that it’s safe! Never drink tap water, bottles are cheap anyway. If you look forward to buy some souvenirs at the kiosque by the restaurant at night, make sure to deal properly, even if they ask 1500dop, you will mostly get it between 300-500dop. Also, make sure to look at the boutique first, they surprised me, their price are very cheap. The rooms were nice and clean, except the washroom that feels like it was last renovated about 15-20 years ago. The seiling was made of cheap plastic, no real ventilation, stained bathtub, bad shower-head that doesn’t poor properly, 2nd day, the water in the shower could not be turned off entirely, had to close the main valve in the wall but they fixed it the same day. The staff was really nice and polite, some speak basic english but do understand, and many do speak excellent english or even french, a little spanish is realy good to know for yourself, especially if you want to interact with the kitchen staff or go out of the resort. Beach was kept clean daily, did 2 dives with the scuba-diving team, was awesome. The gardens are nice and clean as well.

If you do not book via an all-inclusive or get a package deal and have to deal with your own transportation, don’t be fooled by the Taxi drivers, my father booked a Taxi to leave the hotel for the airport, the driver told him 950dop but you should not pay more then 600-650dop(+-18$cdn) which i paid for(it’s 10$less). If you travel light, with a back pack, take the guagua

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