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The distance from this hotel to the two most popular airports especially for tourists is not so far because it is about 18km from the Arroyo Barill international airport and about 23km from the Samana El Catey international airport for those using these airports to come into the country, it’s a better choice. The guest rooms are very clean and well kept by the housekeepers, the rooms have wooden windows and wooden doors with balconies, the one I stayed in with my friend had two beds in it with side lamps. The rooms are not so big but adequate if you ask me. The bathrooms are clean and small but I don’t mind because it’s not like I spend my whole day in it. The outside of the hotel is so clean and well decorated with beautiful side gardens and plants. The hotel is along the road so it’s easy to locate or you can just ask someone to point to you. They have some recreational facilities where you can play football and other activities to while away time. There is the clean swimming pool with lounge chairs for people to sit and relax. The beach is not so far away, it is clean and almost never crowded. They have a pool side bar with thatched roof and chairs underneath and the reception is amazing. The buffet is amazing as well but not a lot of choices. The hotel grounds are kept clean and the staff tries their best to keep the guests comfortable.

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