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This was my third time at Club Amigo and I am going back because of the Cuban people, and the surroundings. I can’t say the hotel is the best I have stayed at. I don’t care for the food, but always find something to eat, club Amigo now has Ketchup, salad dressings, HP sauce etc. the rooms are small, but never had any real problems, I always stayed in the Hotel, but this time I will stay in the Bungalos. I love to mingle with the people and have always felt very safe and welcome there. As for the prostitution, I don’t know that I saw any. I have went to the local beach parties, and yes you will get hit on but I just say no thanks and have had no problems! This is a 3 star resort in a very poor country, if you want the best of eveything I suggest you spend the money and go else where, if you want a great beach, sun and relaxation and to meet some great people, this may be the place for you!

Never had a problem at the airport or at check-in. Actually very first time travelling with my young son I left my purse with all my money, passports etc on the bus, and it was returned to me with everything still there. How many counties would that happen in?

Rooms: Small, clean, my parents room smelled of mold, but the service desk was more then willing to move them. The air conditioner always worked, blow-dryer etc. T.V’s sometimes aren’t great, but I don’t watch t.v much on vacation anyways. Cleaning staff never stop, always had clean towels, toilet paper etc. Facecloths are not availible.

I will put it this way we are campers, I sleep on a air mattress in the middle of a bush, this is amazing to me, my bed is made daily, everything is tidied up and washrooms are clean. The give their all to keep us happy and if their is a problem I talk to the staff with respect, and they do what they can to correct the issue.

Restaurants and Bars: Well, food id not my favorite thing about Cuba, edible, bland, not a ton of variety, but always find something to eat. Breakfast, omelets are good, bread, yogurt, cereal etc Lunch, burgers, poutine, french fries hotdogs, grilled cheese or the daily buffets. Supper, pig roasts, turkey, pasta, beef, salads, soup etc.

Icecream is awsome, cakes, pudding etc for dessert

Love it, love the beach, palm trees, flea market next door, flowers etc.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Kayaking, paddle boats, Catermaran(not my thing salt water burns the eyes) but my son loves it! Pool volleyball, beach volleyball, afternoon bingo for a bottle of rum. Love taking the horse and carriage to small villiages to hand out used clothing and gifts…love the locals, very kind and very happy for anything we can give!

Other Comments:
I have travelled to Europe, Mexico, States and though alot of Canada, Cuba is to me my favorite. I appreciate the simple life the Cubans live, I come home wondering why we have let things get so complicated. Go and enjoy, learn about their culture, and go with a open mind…but realize they are unable to maintain their hotels to our standards here, they just aren’t able to get the products need to keep things the way we do.

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