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Stayed at Club Amigo from Jan 25-Feb 1. It was my third time there, first being Feb 08, and the second – after IKE – in Dec 08. They have made great progress since the hurricane. Working all the time to get things back to normal. We were booked into the pink barracks, and after having a small problem the first morning, we were moved to the Hotel Atlantico – second floor. – we approached the situation calmly and had the help of our Sunwing rep to help get us moved — I strongly suggest using your rep if you have issues – we were no more than 1.5 hours until we had the new room. The new room was spotless, and fairly big. We had water and hot water at that all week and no other problems except for a short black out one day, but it was during the day so it didn’t affect us in the slightlest.

I have stayed in the blue barracks, the bungalows and now the hotel and agree that the barracks are my last choice of rooms, but they are doable if you go in with an open mind – you’re on vacation – relax a bit and take the good with the bad.

The food: I have a mental block on it (been to Cuba 6 times and always have an issue eating, so it’s not Amigo’s fault I couldn’t eat) – but I did manage to find tuna sandwiches at the 24 hour snack bar that were delicious and sustained me all week. We had breakfast there also, which is pretty good – toast and fried eggs for me… Dinner was a right off after the first night, but my travel companion always found something that she could eat. It’s Cuba, I don’t go for the food – I go for the pools, beaches, and the Cuban people. The beach and the pools are fabulous. My favorite is the rectangular pool with that snack bar right beside it. Quiet pool – if you want to hide away it’s the place to be. The staff. I have been to Varadero 3 times, and now Club Amigo 3 times. I can honestly say that we were treated like gold at Amigo, with little or no tipping some times. We treated the bartenders and waiters like real people and not servants (which we saw a lot of last week) and it really paid off. We brought little presents (manly things) for the bartenders, gardeners and waiters. Also a bag of baby items for a waitress with a pregnant daughter. We also tipped in pesos. (shoelaces, shoeshine, fishing gear, carpenter items – all went over really well)

Planning to get back there in April – it’s an addictive resort I find.

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