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Hi, I just came back from Cuba Caracol. I went solo to make up for a botched 50th birthday back in October. I have to say I had a blast,,,,,yep and I was solo. I met alot of great people,,,the staff were great,,cant complain,,,they knew me as apple. There are two party clubs just outside the resort which are open till 4:00am…..they also know me :)….. I went to drink and dance and that i certainly did. The only thing was the resort ran out of beer cups at about 11:30…..but with the clubs serving beer at 1 convertible peso,,,do u really care. I want to thank all the frenchmen, and people from Ontario who were great and made this trip alot of fun……if u want to party,,this is a good place. If you are solo and are looking for u know what,,well this is still the place..but be careful.

I think I was the only person ever to dance on that giant sea shell at 4:00am in front of the resort…..well until security came,,,,,but did I have fun.

Room Number:

March 28

Restaurants and Bars:
Food was ok,,,i eat salads and fruit,,,,so I was good.

Beach was very nice,,,yes there were seaweed but they cleaned every day.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Water polo was really good…every afternoon,,,,,,red team won alot (i was red)

Other Comments:
Thanks for making my 50th a really good one,,,,I came home with many stories for the kids.

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