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I had a business trip in Cuba, and I spend there couple of days. When I wanted to come back, the flight I was suppose to be on, was delayed, so I decided to stay a few days more. Unfortunately, I already checked out of the hotel where I was staying, and I had to find another one. My business partner recommended me to stay at Club Amigo Costa Sur. I accepted his recommendation and now I see that he was right. This hotel is very nice place to be, and now I’m recommending it to everyone I know. It’s not the most luxurious place to be, but I’m sure that everyone who visits this hotel will like it. There are two twin size beds which are very comfortable and they offer a good night’s sleep. There is a telephone in the room, and I use it just one time to call my office that my flight is delayed and that I will be staying for a couple of days. The air conditioner in the room was working properly, and the same goes to the satellite TV. The bathroom was very nice, and it had a nice hot water so every time you want to take a shower you will have no problems at all. There is a safety deposit box so if you have some important documents you can keep it there safe and sound. The restaurant was serving a good food, but I think that they need to offer something more than just a Cuban national cuisine. The bar I noticed that it was working pretty late, so anytime you want to have a drink you can choose various cocktails, or even better; try their rum. It is really fantastic. What I really liked it, the hotel was really close to the beach. The beach was wonderful, full with nice warm sand and crystal clear water. I really don’t like that there was no money exchange office, so I had to go to the bank in order to exchange money. The staff working at this hotel, are really great, and they will make your stay even better.

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