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This is the oldest resort in Varadero and needs major updates. The receptionist needs to be fired, lousy attitude and rude.The lobby area and pool were nice . Beyond that the old buildings and sidewalks need to be worked on , missing concrete on the sidewalks , and very poor lighting on the pathways, missing or broken lights everywhere. The food is typical, no carving stations and trying to get a spoon is like pulling teeth. The maintenance workers and staff in general were friendly and the maid service we received in our room was excellent , she had nothing to do with the room quality, she kept everything clean and did a great job.I have stayed at the Villa Cuba 4 times and it also is an old resort, but the quality of food,staff,rooms and grounds are far superior to this resort. I have learned my lesson, going back in March to Villa Cuba.

Room Number:

Fast check in , only 4 people checking in. Receptionist had a lousy attitude, made you feel like you were a bother to her just being there.

Old and damp, Twin beds and hadn’t been painted, or uptated in years. Bath towel were the size of a washcloth. The a/c worked and we had hot water and toilet paper , not like others we spoke to in the resort.

Restaurants and Bars:
Lousy service in the mess hall , the 2 restaurant , good service but food was so so.

Beaches were great , but are everywhere in Cuba. Pool was great , but had a the hard plastic loungers around it , which broke your back if you stayed on them for any lenght of time. The bars were good ,and were served promtly.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Activities were terrible and loud. Recommend the Jepp Excusion, done it 4 times and it’s always a great way to spend a day off the resort. Take the 5 Peco transtur bus all day and visit downtown and surounding area. Check out the park in downtown ( best place for a Pinja Colata)the pottery shop and fles markets a good for a day off the resort.

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