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Where to begin?? How about with the warm, friendly welcome from the front desk staff? Or the upgraded room? Or the well-maintained grounds??? We traveled as a family of three, two adults one 13 year old boy. We had booked two rooms and were put in bldg. 3, upper level. GREAT location! We were steps from the beach, buffet, and bars. Food: I loved it. My husband adored it. My son was even very happy, and tried a lot of new things we’ve never seen on a hotel buffet before (vieja ropa, rabbit, paella). We were sharing the hotel with lots of Cuban guests, so we did have to learn to be very assertive at mealtimes, but it worked out well. :o) We had great service from the waitstaff at ALL meals. Prompt arrivals of water and juice, and coffee as well. Wineglasses were refilled a little too frequently, but at least we weren’t driving! We only ate at the Italian a la carte, and we were a bit disappointed with it, but now we know to just skip it next time. Grounds: Beautifully maintained. Lovely new pools, dogs and cats for entertainment. Location: Super. Bank is just right there by the shops. Only one person allowed in at a time, so wear a hat, bring water, and don’t forget your passport! Little shops sell beach toys, groceries, rum, and TuKola…also ice cream, if you haven’t had enough at the hotel. You can walk to markets and restaurants with ease. Bars: there were a few bars in operation while we were there. The one at the far end of the resort, with the little restaurant, was a cash bar for some reason. I’m not sure if that is a permanent change or what…The bars included in our stay were the lobby bar, the beach bar, and the pool bar. Drinks were consistently good, and the service was pretty friendly, depending on the bartender. The coffee at the lobby bar was delicious, too. Front desk: We had NO issues with the front desk ladies. They made change for us whenever they could, and they always had smiles for us.

We were very pleased with our stay, and hope to get back SOON!

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