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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco  ~  Reviews Posted – 27
Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Marie-Chantal

December 2005

I am a single woman who travels a lot. I love Cuba because of the "no single supplement" and the fact that I feel safe in the Cayos. I have had the opportunity to stay at the IberoStar Daiquiri (2000) and the Playa Coco hotel (June 2005). I decided to spend a week November 20-27 and I am returning from December 18 to January 2 and I am grateful that this stay will be at the Playa Coco because had I returned to the Tryp, I would have cancelled my trip even if I would not have been refunded.

The Tryp was so bad, I actually took a cab on day to go back to the Playa Coco to make sure I did not dream the wonderful stay I enjoyed in June. Nope, I was not mistaken, the Playa Coco hotel is indeed clean and the people are friendly (two workers recognized me and offered coffee even though I was not a paying guest).

The quiet pool. The chairs are confortable, you are able to find shade easily. Lots of topless women. For those who are uneasy about it, don’t go to Cuba. The pizza place and the International restaurant are your best bet for quality food. One day, I had to visit the doctor and he was there within five minutes. Very professional. The little shops near the buffet. Please remember to tip the vendors, they work hard. The peacocks.

THE BAD: Service in general, unless you fork over money… and even then. For example, one afternoon, I had the do not distrub sign up and the maid still knocked.

The food is below average for Cuba. But should you be looking for a great dining experience, go to Paris.

Where do I start ? The rooms, old, musty, mildew, flavorless… not even one single towel swan in all my week. The afternoon practice for the show with the music so loud, guests complained and nothing was done to fix it. I am not even sure I got clean sheets my first night. The main bar is sitting on top of a lagoon and the smell was so powerfull I was sure I was going to be sick (all nightly entertainment is close by… yurk). The restaurant near the ocean is pretty good (ask for fruits instead of fries) but the dishwasher could use a bit of training, not sure my plates were always clean. I disliked the fact that I received only one bottle of water for the week and to be told to have it filled up at the bar where they assured me water was clean.

If you place any type of importance on a clean resort… go somewhere else. Cigarette butts will lead you to your room, restaurant or the bar. Yes, I blame the guests but the resort should do something about it. Nobody died for sweeping a floor. Toilet paper is a rarity… Hope you find some.

Rooms in the ocean front buildings are being repainted as we speak… it won’t help.

If you suffer from any disbilities, getting around is going to be a hardship, stairs everywhere and the ramps are to steep too negociate on your own. Finally, I have travelled to Cuba several times and I spent the week telling people not to judge this wonderful, amazing country by the Tryp Cayo Coco. Please visit Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, avoid the Tryp, that’s all.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Sandra

November 2005

We just returned home from a week’s vacation at the Club Tryp Cayo Coco….the 6th to the 13th. First time ever to Cuba and probably our last. We selected the Tryp because we heard a lot of good things about it. We were a little disappointed but more good than bad about this resort.

THE GOOD: People are very friendly and helpful.

The pools are clean and well maintained. The quite pool has better chairs and less people with kids use it…Be prepared to see a lot of topless women at this pool. The bar tender is very friendly and the grounds people also. Don’t be afraid to tip them. They deserve it as they are great people and appreciate it very much.

THE BAD: Rooms are well maintained in section 4 but have a terrible musty smell… I suggest you take incense or scented candles to burn while in your room. Maid (Gladys) was great…clean towels and bedding when u asked. Always left her a few trinkets everyday. Was told that the women really could use pantyhose and personal grooming needs like deordant, perfume etc…

The Casita Cubana (Cuban) Restaurant didn’t impress us much the female waitress there was not very friendly but the guy was. No power in this restaurant only candlelight which is very romantic. No spices at all and salt is always wet so if u want that it’s a good idea to bring your supply, we found food very bland in taste. Salads consist mostly of cabbage and rarely see lettuce anywhere.

THE RESORT: Well maintained grounds and rooms, if you go to the Buffet (Los Taguascos) sit by the water fountain and William will be your waiter or waitress Lucindo who are 2 very nice people and friendly. The 2 cooks there Maikel and Luis are awesome they cooked my omelet and fish just perfect. They are very friendly and sweet. Always looking for a conversation so don’t be afraid to chat they don’t bite…LOL. The La Barcaza Restaurant or pizza bar is great if you like thin crust pizza which I do but don’t expect real pizza sauce as they use tomato soup I think but it tastes great. Best dinner we had was at the International and we paid the $12 peso’s extra for the shrimp dinner and it was to die for…absolutely fabulous. Waiters there are very friendly and the white wine is the best. We didn’t try the Italian restaurant but heard the pasta there wasn’t too bad. When you go to the La Picua to eat Lucindo is a very nice and friendly waitress and her drinks she offers you are the best. If you order a hamburger that is exactly what you get is a piece of ham not beef so you have to order a beef burger if that is what you want. The Las Antillas is open 24 hours and Edwardo is the best bartender there but they all are really. The Entertainment was wonderful even enjoyed the Mini Disco for the kids…Chow. Chow Mickey mouse!! The best show was the Cannibal one and Fermind was hilarious and sure had us all fooled the one night they performed. You have to see this show to know what we are talking about. Our room was in #4 The Las Grullas area so not too far from the main building or pool. You can have access to the Internet which wasn’t too bad…3 pesos for ½ hour or 5 pesos for an hour. Remember to ask for your lock for the safety box upon arrival as it’s not in the room. No charge for it.

Voltage of the hotel is 220volts but there is a blow dryer in the bathroom if you require one. Also I would suggest you take face cloths as they don’t provide them only hand and bath towels. Beach Towels are available daily but have to return soiled ones to get a clean one. All in all it was a very enjoyable holiday for us but if you were to ask if we would return to Cuba the answer is a definite NO. If you have any further questions you would like answered send me an email to and hope you enjoy your vacation.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Ron ~ Kitchener, Ontario

November 2005

I just returned from a week at Hotel Tryp (Nov. 13-20). I should state in advance that I have travelled a significant amount in the Caribbean, usually stay at 5 star resorts and have never travelled to Cuba prior to this trip.
I selected Hotel Tryp, because the beach sounded great, there was no single supplement, and I received a terrific last minute price. I have never written a negative review on a hotel, as I have always meticulously selected resorts based on reviews, except……….. for this time.

The Good:
The small "quiet" pool is a hidden gem. The fabric chairs are very comfortable, the pool is not busy, and the bar is not busy. The bartender is also very friendly at this pool.

The pizza grill on the beach is very good. I am a very picky eater and loved the fresh, thin-crusted pizza that was prepared. This is a service restaurant, and the staff are excellent at this location. The omelets at the breakfast buffet were good. The pasta at the dinner buffet was good as well. The Italian restaurant was Ok and the International restaurant was good. I did not go to the Cuban restaurant.

The drinks at the lobby bar (upstairs, right beside the main lobby) are generally good. I did not have alcoholic drinks at any other bar that I thought were acceptable.

The entertainment was good. I was particularly impressed with the singing, dancing and musical talents of the entertainers. There was some amazing talent!

The staff were generally friendly. I took a number of items to give to the maid each day – pens, pencils, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc., and she really appreciated that.

The Bad:
When I arrived at about 11pm, I was given room 1207. The room was on the main floor and was so musty smelling that I could not sleep (even with the air conditioning on). I immediately went to the front desk and asked for another room – "sorry, the hotel is full". "Please come back tomorrow and after departures, there might be another room available". Having just arrived, I did not know at that point that the hotel was only about 40% full. The next day I was given another room (937), it was on the second floor and much less musty and in better general repair – no broken tiles, no black mould on the tiles!!). But……… this room was freezing cold. There was no way to control the temperature of the air conditioning, other than the fan speed level. I slept with the air on the lowest control and had two blankets on my bed, socks on my feet! It was Ok, except when having to get up during the night!! The showers in the rooms are terrible. The water flow is minimal, with very little spray.

The food in general is sub-par. I know that when coming to Cuba we have to expect that, and it certainly is the case. Meats are generally fried and look very unhealthy to me. I tried to stay away from the meat. The fish is also fried, not baked, which I found disappointing. If you go, I think the trick is to find a few things that you like and stick with them.

I was realllllllly looking forward to the beach that I had heard so much about. Man, was I dissapointed!! I am not sure if this is usually the case, but…. the entire beach was covered in seaweed – tons of it! This was a regular occurence. There was some staff attempting to rake it up so that it could be picked up by a special tractor, but this was too overwhelming a task for a small crue. And when they do collect it, they dump it along the edge. where the beach meets the resort – yuck!! I did not use the beach to hang out because it was very unattractive. Having said that, the sand underneath is gorgeous! At the far end of the beach – 10 minute walk or so – there is a cove, and little seaweed seems to attract there.

Although I am not at all against tipping, especially in countries where poverty is extreme, I find it discouraging that it is ‘expected’ at an all inclusive resort. If you wanted better service at TRYP, you needed to tip.
The staff regulary had tipping plates out and would blatantly serve tippers before non-tippers, even if not ahead in line. At an ‘all inclusive’, I find this unacceptable.

The Ugly:
Service in the buffet was almost non-existent. I had a waiter approach my table for coffee, water, etc. twice in the full week. The linens on the tables were dirty every time I ate in the buffet.

To top things off, I picked up a nasty bug the last couple of days. I was very ill on the day I flew home and sought medical help immediately after returning. I am still fighting the effects on some form of bacteria (and I was soooo careful about what I ate/drank)and am on medication.

Summary: I will not return to this hotel, or to this area of Cuba. This hotel is in need of a significant renovation (hotel rooms).

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Kim ~ Halifax, Nova Scotia

November 2005

We have just arrived home from an all-inclusive week at Hotel Tryp, Cayo Coco (Nov. 6-13). It was awesome!!! The resort, employees and weather were wonderful!! We were two couples traveling from Halifax. I will give a "step by step" in my review and hopefully it will help with any questions you may have:

Flights: Our carrier was Skyservice…our flight down was great. We found the service was great and we had lots of leg room, but I can understand if you are tall, you would find it a little cramped. We left on time and arrived on time. From there it kind of went down hill…I didn’t want to write a bad review about them, but…at the airport in Cuba my suitcase was one of the last out. I understand why…it was destroyed. Half the back was ripped off. It must have got caught on something…I’m surprised I didn’t lose anything. I was upset and wondering how the heck I was going to get my stuff home…anyway, I went and got a beer and decided not to worry about it until it was time to go home. Needless to say…what we didn’t know at that time was there was going to be lots more to worry about at the end of our vacation. So…the day before we left, our Signature representative informs us that our flight and carrier has changed. We were supposed to leave at 9:30 Sunday morning and it was now changed to 11:20 Sunday night and we would be flying Air Transat. Some people would have been very happy to get another day. Our group was not. We had an Air Canada flight connection to Halifax Sunday night at 8:30. Needless to say, it wasn’t going to happen. After spending the whole day trying to change our flight to Halifax to Monday (which by the way, ended up being 19 hours after our arrival in Toronto) we were able to relax and make the most of our last hours at Tryp. We were never given an explanation why the flight time or carrier was changed and now that we are home, we will be looking for some answers.

Resort: The resort is absolutely beautiful! Not one complaint to mention. The gardens and the grounds were very clean and well kept. Everything was spread out quite nicely so that you didn’t find it crowded, but you are still close enough to the restaurants, grills, pool, beach, etc., that it doesn’t seem like you are walking forever to get some where.

Rooms: The rooms were exactly what I expected. They were simple, nice and very clean and were kept that way the entire week. We had a wonderful maid who always did a few little extras to make it more comfortable. Her name is Aida…you would be lucky to have her take care of you.

Food: The food was good. It took a couple of days to find out what we liked and didn’t like at the Buffet, but then we had our favourites. You can always find something, and of course you have to remember you are in Cuba…it is going to taste different. There was also the Grill, the snack bar and beach hut. They were open from 12:00 to 3:00 daily. We went to 3 A La Carte restaurants. Cuban, Italian, International. Each one was great. (The pizza at the beach hut is awesome.) You will never go hungry here. We brought salad dressing with us for when we were craving a little "zing" with our meals.

Pool: The pool is awesome…deeper sections for playing games like volleyball and shallow ends for just sitting and enjoying a drink. One suggestion though…it would be nice if they had a cabana of bathrooms closer to the pool bar…some of those people sat at the bar for a really long time??? Say "HI" to Santiago at the pool bar…he is a great guy. Very friendly and always got the drink right ;o)

Beach: What can I say about the beach…I’m still breathless over it. The Beach went on and on, white sand as far as you can see. It was amazing. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

Staff: The entertainment staff is wonderful. It included dancers (WOW…can they move!), skits, competitions, and of course musical type entertainment. They would get the audience involved and would have a different theme every night, so you weren’t watching the same show over and over. Also, they would do a kids show for an hour each evening and that was priceless. The kids would actually audition each day and perform in the evening. "Two-thumbs up" for the entertainment staff!! A few staff members I would like to mention: Indida – Water aerobics, step aerobics, pool activities. Sandra – pool activities, dance lessons. Manuel – pool activities, animation staff. Yasser – musical entertainment. I’m not sure what the correct title of his job is, but they would come around to our tables in the restaurants and play their instruments and sing. One other point I would like to make about the staff…in case you don’t know, when making these reviews on-line, if you mention names and it is not a good review, that staff person will get reprimanded for whatever it is you are complaining about and if it is bad enough, they could even lose their job. The management take these reviews very seriously and check them daily…these people do not have much, if they lost their job, they would have nothing. My suggestion is to not name names, only if you have something good to say.

Final comments: I would definitely recommend this resort to others and have been since we returned. I would go back in a heartbeat and we would bring our daughter next time. It is a great place to be if you are single, a couple or a family. Tryp is a place everyone would enjoy. The entire staff (right from reception to the entertainment staff to the gardeners) is great. They greet you every day with a wave, a smile and an "HOLA". They are very friendly and will do whatever they can to make it a week to remember. One tip for you…the staff will really appreciate any gift you can leave for them…no matter how small. We left a little gift bag for our maid each morning and once we got to know some of the staff we did up bags for them too. We take so much for granted and it might not seem like much to us, but to them it is very much appreciated. We took items such as: soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, gum, candy, hairclips, crayons, sanitary items for the girls, (especially someone like Indida who has to do water aerobics every day), shorts, t-shirts, etc. We also left items behind: our thermos mugs, my husband’s dress shoes (he needs a new pair) etc. It is all very much appreciated. When you see the smile on their face, you will see how much.

Go to Tryp…you will not be disappointed.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Sheri

September 2005

I intitially didn’t write a review when we visited Tryp but after reading the last couple, I felt that Tryp received a bad rap. We visited Tryp in April 2005. My fiance and I went knowing that the resort was a 4 star hotel. I have to say that this was the ultimate vacation for us and would go back in a heartbeat.

We arrived in Tryp at 9:00 at night. We were given a room on the floor level at the back of the resort. Walking into the room it smelled musty and was not in good shape. We simply turned around and complained to guest services and they exchanged us to an oceanview room for no charge. This room was much better. The rooms, yes, were older but they were clean and everything was in working order. We had a very good housekeeper and received a new bottle of water everyday. Mind you .. we had read previous reviews about leaving goodies for the housekeepers, we introduced ourselves and were treated very well.

As for the food .. I am an ‘extremely’ picky eater. I dislike any type of seafood and am not up to trying new foods much. However, in saying this .. the only thing that they could have done better on was their desserts. I was full and satisfied everyday. It took me a couple of days to discover that I could have all of the same things as home (except for peanut butter) but it was great. Their fruits were fabulous. My fiance tried everything and enjoyed it all.

The service we received on the resort was exceptional. Our bartender that we visited everyday met us with smiles, the groundsmen met us waving everyday to say goodmorning and was always assisted in any manner when we needed any help. One of the staff took my fiance sea fishing from the shore for red snapper and the other said if we came back he would take us to his home in Moron to give us a tour. The service is just of the reasons why we’d go back, we made a lot of great friends.

The beaches were incredible !! The sand was the softest in front of Tryp. It was kept very well and the water was sooo blue.

We went to Tryp in mind that we intended on not doing any daytrips but relaxing, enjoying the beach, the sun and each other and that we did. It was nice that the island wasn’t populated. The hotel was not a 5 star but you could go feeling who you are .. not snobby or trying to impress people. It was like being home but not. It was also very nice being surrounded by fellow Canadians and have the Cubans that work there know almost everything about our home. We are very spoiled when you listen to what they get and how much they receive to work there. Did you know that they have to go to school for 3 years to work there? We learned a lot just from chatting with the people.

It was worth every cent .. and would not hesitate to recommend Tryp to anyone.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Ontario, Canada

August 2005

We purchased a package with Sunquest/Skyservice for 1 week at Tryp Cayo Coco. We left on August 19 and were to leave on August 26. There were 4 of us: myself, my husband and his two children 10 and 14. I have traveled before to Cuba (twice), Barbados, Florida, Mexico, Bahamas, Aruba, St. Thomas, St. Kitts, etc……

Air Travel: I do not recommend using Skyservice as your air carrier. This was not a very positive experience.

Cayo Coco Airport: Efficient, modern (compared to the others that I have been to) with Air Conditioning (which was a very good thing to have since we spent a total of 12 hours in the airport over the course of a 24 hour period of time).

Arrival at Hotel: This took a very long time, only two people were working the front desk when we arrived. Other than waiting about 1 hour to get our rooms there were no problems.

Rooms: We had 2 rooms, on the first night the rooms that boys had was okay, out room on the other hand was not so great – very strong smell of mold and mildew – air-conditioning was not working well at all. (rooms in building 9). When I reported this we were told that we could have new rooms in the next day after check out – Great ! Marcus(Reception) – very helpful and pleasant helped us the next day and assigned us room in building 14 – 1461 & 1462 (with an adjoining door) third floor, ocean view. Our room was much better in terms of smell and view ! The air-conditioning was not working well, we reported it and it was "sort of fixed"…… Oh well, we were in Cuba….that’s how it is. The rooms are big with nice balconies; however, please be aware that they do need to be overhauled – there still was a smell of mold and mildew, although the linens are washed they are stains and the towels are not in the greatest shape. Both our rooms were very damp. We did have a very large cockroach in our room, this did go over very well with me at all – of course we did not tell the children, although we searched all clothing a luggage before packing and upon arrival home. I have traveled the Caribbean many, many times I have never had of these visitors in my room ! This seemed to be a common problem reported by several other people as well.

Buffet Restaurant: Although, I read many reviews stating how terrible the food was, we did not find it to be too bad (adequate). I do not expect the food to be outstanding in Cuba. The main complaint would be that there really was no variety, the same things were there every night. Other than the two grills, they did have some variety. The pasta bar was quite good. The deserts were not very appealing at all other than the ice-cream. The other main complaint… that was too be kept cold was not put on ice, it was just sitting in the open (cheese, seafood salads, crab, etc). The lobster at the Buffet was very good ! We did not eat lunch at the buffet.

Beach Pizzeria: Nice view, good pizza ! Get there before 3:30pm (the often ran out of pizza after this time)

Beach Grill: Good, more of a meal …….

International Restaurant: We found the service to be very good and the food to be adequate. Chair cushions are very dirty.

Beach: The beach was lovely, the water was very nice, great snorkeling right in front of the resort. Take a banana and you will not believe what you see !

Pools: The main pool is in great need of up keep, there are several tiles missing from the bottom, one of the children cut his toe quite badly due to these missing tiles. The pool bar was missing several tiles as well with lots of black mold where the tiles used to be. There is also quite a bit of mold on the tiles on the sides of the pool. The other pool is much nicer, cleaner with no missing tiles or mold.

Disco: Dark smelly, 1 inch of water covering the floor in the women’s bathroom. Fortunately, we were too tired to want to go there in the evenings.

Entertainment: The shows at night were very good, both children’s and adults.

General: There is a very unpleasant odor from the bog. While we were at this resort there were several large groups of "local people" using the resort facilities every day, for this reason we often were not able to obtain a chair by the pool or on the beach despite the fact that we went early every morning. Please be prepared to be expected to tip almost everyone who you come in contact with. We found this to be an expectation, the service was not any better if you did tip in most cases. This was new to us as on our 2 other trips to Cuba this was not the expectation and any tip that was given was greatly appreciated, not expected. We spent 50 convertible pesos on tips alone. The grounds were quite nice. This resort needs major maintenance, they have not done the general upkeep over the years. Having traveled to the Caribbean several times I am not that hard to please, however, roaches in my room and mold has been a experience that I never had and do not wish to have again. I hope they clean this resort up, as it would be quite nice other wise.

Recommendation: Although, we did enjoy ourselves; after all a trip is what you make of it. I would not return or recommend this property until such time that is has been renovated. We will however return to Cuba.

Tips: Bring bug spray and afterbite. If you like to use a washcloth make sure to bring one with you as well. Lots of money for tips.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Charles ~ Montreal

August 2005

We purchased a package with Air Canada for 2 weeks at Tryp Cayo Coco. We left June 26, returned July 10 (were there during the storm Dennis). There were 3 of us: me, my wife and my 14 y.o. son. We traveled before to Dominican Republic, Barbados, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Florida, including Club Meds in those locations.

AIR TRAVEL: We purchased the air portion business class. It was extremely good, both ways.

CAYO COCO AIRPORT: Very, very efficient airport, with air conditioning.

ARRIVAL AT HOTEL: There was a bit of confusion at the arrival as there were a few tour operators arriving at the same time but we got our room fairly quickly.

ROOM: We had a room with ocean view. The room was large, well decorated (for Cuba), the air conditioning was very effective in keeping the cool cool, the room was always kept clean (giving a 2 pesos tipa day to the maid really helped) without any insects. We always kept the doors closed. Washroom was large and convenient.

RESTAURANT: I had lowered my expectations, so I was really surprised. Main Restaurant: It is essentially a large buffet. You see the same stuff every day but there are some items that change every day as well and there is live music at almost all meals. Service was fair to good. Leaving a tip of 2 pesos assures you of very attentionned service the next time you pick a table with that same waiter. TRhey have very good memory and are very friendly.

Sea Food Restaurant had langoustes (kind of lobster) that were really good. The was also live music. Service is great. It seems that waiters are rotating. You must make reservations.

Beach Pizzeria: was always graet at lunch time.

BEACH: The beach is outstanding. I have seen many and the beach at Cayo Coco is really outstanding. You can take long walks on the shore. You can also walk very long in the water until yiou get water to your waist. I always arrived on the beach around 8 a.m. to "reserve" few chairs in the shade by securely placing towels on them (it can be windy).

MEDICAL SERVICES: Our son got a bug (a very serious turista) and we used the medical services on location at the hotel. And yes, they come to your room. We are really not used to that and they did the right thing. My son got better very fast. They charged a small fee (50 pesos) that was woth it.

GENERAL: The site was well kept. There is still that rotten eggs odor (that you read about in other reviews) when you walk toward the main building that seems to come from a little pond. This is anoying. Besides that, it was great.

RECOMMENDATION: I strongly recommend. The 3 of us would go back.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Patti C.

July 2005

I, along with my 3 friends and one of my friend’s mom, travelled to the Tryp Cayo Coco resort in March 2005 for march break. It was amazing! We’re already planning on going back next year in May when we all finish our first year of university. But this time we plan to be there for 2 weeks.

Airport:We flew with Skyservice. This was my first time on a plane since I was 5 so to me it was great. I even enjoyed the food, which my friends did not, so I gladly ate some of their food too. At the airport in Cayo Coco, it was incredibly crowded and going through customs took FOREVER! But there were a lot of people there so it was understandable. My suitcase was already waiting for me on the floor *TIP: buy a bright pink hawaiin print luggage haha SO much easier to find!* We were told by some travellers taht were also going to Tryp to exchange our money at the airport because they didnt charge a service fee. So we stood in line and waited to do that.It took very long, even though there weren’t that many people in line. Our rep came in looking for my group as well as a few other people that were supposed to be all on one bus to Tryp. He told us to hurry up because they were going to be leaving very soon. Obviously it was not up to us how quickly we’d be done with the money exchange. But he was quite rude. The people in front of us assured us they would not leave without us. They couldn’t, it was their job to get us to the hotel. Well surprise surprise…. THEY LEFT!!!! The people who were in line in front of us were also going to Tryp and managed to get on the right bus before it left. They later told us people were very rude on the bus and cussing them…as if it was there fault that it took forever to get through customs. My group ended up being split. My 2 friends and myself had to wait for a bus full of french tourists who were going to a different hotel. They dropped us off at our hotel on the way to their’s. My other friend and her mom took a car with the rep. Seeing as it was our first time in this country, and only being 17, it was pretty unsettling to be separated from each other not knowing what was going on.

Hotel: The check in also took extremely long. We were all tired and cranky at this point and it was very late. After the girl mumbled that we should walk down the stairs and to the left, we walked away very confused. Luckily there was a man downstairs who happily took our bags and led the way. We stayed in Los Cocos! I had an oceanview from my balcony. It is close to the beach and pool. And not too far from the main buliding. The room wasn’t the nicest, but I wasn’t expecting much so it was ok. All we would be using it for was to sleep and shower anyways. Our room was always cleaned very well. Our maid was so friendly and always cheerful. Too bad I can’t remember her name because she was so great! I hope I see her when we go back next year!

Beach: The beach was always SO clean and is breathtaking! There are 2 bars on/by the beach and we always tried to get seats near them:o) At first it was a bit difficult to find lounge chairs because we got to the beach a bit late the first few days. But then I would wake up early and put towels on some lounge chairs early in the morning(approx 7 30 am) with a friend when the beach was absolutely empty. It’s much better this way…reserve your spots and then go for breakfast. It saves a lot of hassle.

Food: Again I didn’t expect much. But I was pleasantly surprised! Every morning I would get an omelette and/or french toast at the buffet. They are amazing! The "fresh" fruit didn’t look so fresh tho and I only had a bit of some bland watermelon. The fresh squeezed orange juice however was to die for! And I don’t even like orange juice! For lunch we would eat at the buffet. Most of us always got pasta! It was great! For dinner it would be pasta again. I’m kind of a picky eater so I didn’t want to try most of the food. I’m not one for seafood, which there was a lot of. But nevertheless I was very happy with the food. We made some great friends at the buffet. "Pasta guy" So sorry I can’t remember your name… but he was so great. Always friendly and entertained us girls very well! He’s a sweet young guy who travels an hour every day to get to work so tip him well! It was nice how he shared his life story with us…he’s studying to be a chef and this was like his "co-op" experience. He’s a sweetheart. Also Henry and Rolando, always kept us laughing whenever we ate there. We ate at the international restaurant and I ordered the Harry Potter Kid’s meal which consisted of a HUGE chicken leg! I couldn’t finish it. But it was good. We had a reservation for the Seafood restaurant but opted out to watch the entertainment. We mostly stuck to the buffet because we were extremely content with it.

Bars: The 24 hour bar has by far the best sandwiches I have ever tasted! My friends and I were obsessed with the chicken salad sandwich as well as the ham and cheese. They are phenomenal! The bartenders there are awesome! Jackson is my personal favourite with his red bow tie…so cute! Eduardo and Carlos were hilarious too! The Pool bar is great too! Ricardo is SO great! He did all these fancy tricks while making the drinks! Great drinks, although a little on the strong side…

Entertainment: This had to be the highlight of every night! We reserved front row seats every night( by sitting there over an hour before the kids show started) We loved every single one of them. The dancing was amazing! We danced on stage at the end of the kid’s show along with all the little kids to the gorilla song…It’s so cute and fun to watch all of the little ones. The host is so energetic and fun! Make sure to see them, although it is mostly dancing in the adult shows, it is so upbeat and fun. We loved it! And cheer on your favourite dancer…it leads to a fun time in the disco! We actually took videos so if you’d like to see email me for them…and lots of pictures too!We became friends with Marco, one of the dancers. We definitely went to see the shows partly, ok mostly, because of him. Overall it’s awesome so don’t miss it.

We are definitely going back there next year it’s AWESOME!
Email me at for any other info :o)

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Rosanne and Mary Ann

July 2005

My friend and I just returned from a two week vacation at the Tryp and we had an absolute fabulous time.
We flew Cubana Airlines and it was a wonderful airline to fly. Lots of leg room and food was ham and cheese. Check in was fast, room and room assignment was excellent. Block 6, rooom 635 has a great view of the pool and is close to everything. 636 has a great view of the pool and partial ocean view.

I was at the Tryp 2 years ago and I found that it has gotten better with time. I found that the staff are much friendlier than the last time I went. Although they were friendly then also, but much more so this time.
The food is fabulous at the buffet and at the al a cartes. The international is by far the very best and the lobster and shrimp is to die for. I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday at the international and they made it a fabulous one. I received a whole birthday cake, bottle of champagne and the band sang happy birthday. It was wonderful.

I found that the service throughout the resort was great including the maid service. Ricardo at the aqua bar is a real character. He is hillarious.
Guillermo at the Grill bar is also a real character. Luisa is also a sweetheart. I hate to name names as they are all outstanding people. They work their tails off to please us and it seems that some people just can’t be pleased no matter what. The beach is the best I have ever seen. Go for a very long walk to the left of the Grill until you go around the bend at the very end past the horse coral. Be sure to wear water shoes and go snorkeling. What a reef right at the shore. Be careful of sea urchins. It is amazing. Wear water socks. Also go the snorkeling tour to the Coral Reef and be sure to bring bananas and cereal from the breakfast buffet. Also there is a coral reef right in front of the Grill. Bring the cereal and see what happens. Awesome. I can’t say enough about the Tryp and I have been to many many other resorts in Cuba and on other islands. I will sum it up for you.

Food: Good to Excellent

Service: Good to Excellent

Rooms: Good

Pool: Very Good

Ocean: Incredible

Friendliness: Excellent

Cuban People: Priceless

Entertainment: Number 1

Of course, I can’t forget to mention the beautiful peacocks, goat, parrot and horses the roam around the resort. The cotton candy and deep fried donuts don’t hurt either. Don’t forget to try a banana mama, blue coco, strawberry daiquiri, and pina colada. Yummmy!

Of course if you are in need of anything, you could always go to the customer relations department. They are so helpful to all. Hope you enjoy the Tryp as much as we did and don’t forget that in order to have a great vacation anywhere, you must remember to unplug yourself before you get there.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Donna & Margaret & Hunter ~ Mississauga, Ontario

July 2005

I traveled to this resort with my mother and 22 month old daughter from July 3-10th.

We had problems from picking up our tickets to getting a room at the hotel, but that was because the tour operator SOL y SON messed up.

So, when we finally got a room assigned, we were in the 10 block. Nothing is to far and the room was adequate. Probably needs some upgrading (like a mat in the tub to prevent accidents- as it was so slippery) and some touch ups but it was fine. Anyways who really cares, its not like I was planning to be in the room much. The air-conditioner was soooo cold and fully functioned at al times. We had no problems EXCEPT for some mosquitoes (time of season). Those buggers really bite! They are Cuba’s national birds this time of year (mosquitoes that is).

The food was OK..I’m not picky, and therefore I lived on beef from the grill and plain rice with Tobassco sauce. My daughter found the fries and she was happy. My mother, is daring and tries everything and we had no problems. (we didn’t get sick).

The last day we booked the Italian. It was the BEST. Right on the beach, my daughter finally allowed me to enjoy a meal as she ran around and watched the water and played with other children. They really cater to ya here. The food, I found exceptional. The pizza was very good.

The shows (entertainment) was good. We didn’t get to see all of the shows but they were entertaining.

The pools are nice, very big. The children’s area is nice and perfect for the younger child.

They give towels without a cash deposit, which is a change from many resorts where they want a deposit. Even the safe key is free, just need to sign for it.

The weather was HOT HOT HOT. Then 4 days into our vacation Hurricane Dennis was coming. It rained and was windy. and cold. But that isn’t there fault. They still tried to entertain the people in the lobby which is nice.

We did have some people from a hotel that was evacuated come to ours. This creating some over crowding and left a huge line up to get into the buffet for all 3 meals. That was annoying.

They are very laid back people, they do not rush for no one! So do get into holiday mode and RELAX.

Overall, this was a nice hotel, food was ok, pools, beach are clean and people are nice and friendly (most).

I would recommend this hotel in Cayo Coco. For Cuba this is a 4*.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Antony ~ United Kingdom Manchester

July 2005

We have just arrived back in the UK after a twp week trip in Cayo Coco at the hotel Tryp, we booked our holiday with thomas cook and flew with Monarc.

A little bit of info about the flight first, a shambles is a understatement the seating was rubbish and the food terrible eg for breakfast you got a breakfast bar, croissant with ham and cheese and then some cheese dish for dinner as well, if you don’t like cheese you’re in trouble!! The stewards are only interested in selling you scratch cards and duty free!! Not look after you’re needs and make sure you’re comfortable on you’re flight!!.

You pay for you’re headsets to watch TV on the flight then they come round and take them from you at the end of the flight so they can sell them again to you on the return!! Also on the return flight its the same food!? ABSOLUTE RUBBISH THIS AIRLINE IS THE WORST EVER!!

Anyway in regards to the Hotel, me and my girlfriend found it OK although if you think you’re going 5 star think again its more like a 3 star, the rooms were clean and satisfactory, the beach however was the best beach I have ever seen!! I’ve been travelling all over the world and this beach is fantastic!!

The amenities at the hotel are ok it has three restaurants which are italian, cuban and international you have to book these if you want to eat there I advice booking on arrival and check in as they get booked up quickly, there is also a buffet where you don’t need to book.

Me and my girlfriend found the buffet the best place to eat, as cubans don’t know how to cook Italian or any other cuisine so don’t expect some grand dinner!! (although it was satisfactory but nothing to write home about).

The buffet had a wide array of foods from seafood, rice, pork, chicken and fresh fruits etc…we did not find the food too bad.

Theres a lot of trips to go on which are bookable through you’re rep although our rep was not there most of the time and was pretty poor to say the least with information and times.

Trips are well worth going on we went swimming with dolphins which is excellent and cost about £120 each we also went on the jungle trek (speed boats) well worth going don’t miss that one!!!

If you want a taste for what Cuba is really like then I advise what we did, which is book a trip to the capital Havana and fly there, approx 1 hour flight. Its nice to see Havana and get a feel for there culture. The cubans are very poor, and appreciate little gifts like soap, pencils, shampoo etc which are a valued commoditie to them, so take them from the hotel and give them out.

They will be recieved with great gratitude.

Things to bring with you: Mosquito repellent (a must as I got eaten alive!!), underwater camera, Sun hat, Large glass( for the bar at the hotel as you get small plastic cups with beer in and it saves you queing up every 5 mins when it’s busy), high factor sun cream as its very hot!!

Also when or if you go on the jungle trek, take some bread and bananas from the restuarant as you get to snorkel with the fish and you can feed them!! Its amazing!!

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Mark ~ Canada

July 2005

My wife and I just returned from a week’s vacation at the Tryp Cayo Coco and we had a great time.

We found upon arrival everything was in order and the check in didn’t take as long as it did on our first visit there two years ago.

We purchased the oceanview room which we found quite adequate accept the water pressure in in the Los Cocos building wasn’t something to be desired, but everything else was fine in our room.

All the people at the resort were very friendly and courteous. We had a broken toilet and within an hour of notifying them, they were right there to fix the problem.

The food was average at the buffet, but we must remember this is a communist country and a very poor country at that, so the food isn’t going to be of a huge variety like us spoiled Canadians are use too.

If you were ever at the La Barcaza or the pizza shack on the beach, I think you would of been pleasantly suprized at the tasty little pizza’s you do get there, as well as the entertaining service from the waiters.

The pool, well we just didn’t bother with the pool, or should I say pool’s, since there are two pool’s on the resort. There’s the main pool I’m sure everyone is familiar with and there’s another pool down by Los Zunzune’s or building number 11. I’m sure if some people would of walked around instead of complaining about everything, they would of found it.

The beaches were awesome, no question about it. The water is crystal clear and the snorkelling is great. Alot of the fish would swim right up to you and eat the banana’s right out of your hands and there was plenty of room and chairs on the beach for everyone.

We got to know and were reaquainted with a few of the people we had met there two years ago who work at the resort and it seems that us Canadians are getting a reputation down there as being very rude.

We really think internationally as nice people, but as a few of my Cuban friends put it, we have attitude’s that are unbecoming and these people who only make 12pesos a month, we treat them as lesser human beings which is not good.

As for the mosquito’s, sure they can be a pain, no question, but I’m sure all of us who are complaining about them, don’t say a darn thing about all the mosquito’s at our cottage’s or even in your own back yards when you’re at home.

My advice is, if you’re going to go on a nice relaxing vacation, check in your ego’s and attitude’s back at the security checkin’s in Canada and leave those attitudes back home and just go, relax and enjoy everything as much as possible.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Sue ~ Pickering, Ontario, Canada

July 2005

My 16 year old daughter and I returned on Sunday morning from our Air Canada vacation to Tryp Cayo Coco. This was my third trip to Cuba in the last two years, first to Cayo Coco. First, Air Canada is the best way to go! After using both Skyservice and Air Transat, this was a nice change. Clean plane, good food, and it didn’t hurt that we were "bumped" up to Business Class.

Tryp was fairly typical of the all inclusive resorts that I have been to so far. The food was a little worse in the buffet and the service was not as good. Not that it was terrible, just comparatively it was a little disappointing to have to flag down a waiter for coffee after 15 minutes. This was a daily occurrence and no amount of smiles or tipping seemed to make any difference. A big concern was the fact that the dishes were dirty, if you ran your hand over the plates there was baked on "stuff". The best bets are the International and Italian restaurants – the food/service is great (and the dishes are really clean). You can make multiple bookings in these restaurants and if they have the space, they will accommodate you. For lunch, there is a great pizza bar on the beach on the west side of the complex. Wonderful waiters (funny, efficient) and the pizza is pretty good.

We found our rooms to be average, again comparing to similar resorts. We had a great ocean view and overlooking the small (quiet) pool. However, ours was not as clean – I would not walk around without shoes – and the maid actually tossed my daughters shorts (which she did leave on the bathroom floor) into the bidet! I heard this from a few people, but also heard amazing stories about clothes left about being folding neatly onto beds. There were no beautiful towel birds on my pillow nor any nice notes thanking for tips and/or presents like I have experienced in the past. This was a little disappointing for me, as it is having those little "niceties" that make my trip for me. I did not complain, but did mention it when my sink was leaking (fixed immediately). My room was much cleaner afterwards.

The entertainment was average to good, enjoyable. Got a good kick out of the "Tom Jones" bar singer after the evenings entertainment. The bartenders were very nice, very good and some were quite entertaining. The staff at the watersports were fun and really went out of their way on our scuba diving trip. The scuba diving at the coral reef is amazing – probably the best I have seen.

Like others have reported, there is really little to see outside the resort unless you rent a car and drive 1 hour to Moron (which I personally did not do). We did do the Jet Boat/snorkelling tour which was fun and worth the money. All in all, a quiet vacation for myself, as I am not a party person. My daughter did meet quite a few teenagers her own age and they seemed to party happily.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Julie ~ Canada

July 2005

We just got back from a week at Tryp Cayo Coco and I can’t understand how this resort has a 4 star rating. At the very most it is a 3 star.

VIP Package is a complete waste of money. Check-in started off very well, we were called upon immediately upon arriving and were assigned our room along with the black wristband indicating VIP package. When we settled into our room, we realized none of the items listed in the brochure were supplied. On the second day we finally received some of the listed items, but the coffee maker didn’t work unless you held it in place and then we realized there wasn’t any cups or any milk. We had to ask all week for mini bar service until in the end we talked to our tour representative about the lack of VIP items. He was helpful, assuring us our items would now be stocked but that only lasted one day. The two people responsible for looking after these items spent more time in their room on the ground floor apparently what seemed and sounded like partying to us. At times, we felt very uncomfortable asking for anything. If we hadn’t paid for this service, we wouldn’t of expected it and felt it was a big reason for our disappointment in the facility. They should just do away with this service.

Rooms are very shabby, bedding and towels have many stains on them. The maids do a good job of cleaning but the rooms are just too rough.

Food – One good thing about the VIP package is 4 guaranteed reservations. Having only found the review page the week before our vacation, I noted everyone said the International was one of the best places to eat. When we checked in, I asked to reserve our reservations right away and booked the International for all 4. The guest services rep suggested we book other restaurants but I had read the reviews and insisted on all 4 at the International. It was a terrific experience. The staff are absolutely wonderful. The salmon pate was very good as was the lobster. All four visit were excellent. The pizza bar was excellent as well. The staff again terrific. The beach restaurant was good, staff very nice and food okay. We went to the buffet and thought the food was good there as well although many reviews said otherwise. Selection was varied with plenty to eat. Staff very indifferent there.

Beach – You could stay there from 10 to 6pm. Lots of reclining chairs and cabanas to stay under. Beach bars very close. The water was unbelieveably warm. If your idea of a holiday is a fantastic beach this is the place to go. Outstanding.

Pools – I thought were small for the size of the place, but maybe there is another one at the other end of the complex. We only saw the one in the centre of the resort and it didn’t seem adequate enough.

Mosquitos are a huge problem, but with insect repelent on we weren’t bothered too much. They spray billows of smoke around the complex day and night which can be a little disconcerting. We were told they are spraying oil. It completely engulfs the complex and you have to head indoors when they come around.

The facility needs to replace the linen and towels. The pillows are something a child might have and the furniture is stark. Bathrooms are rough, lots of mold. Needs some major renovations to classify as a 4 star. Heard so many complaints about the rooms. Couldn’t get into our room on the Saturday because the changed the keys thinking we had checked out. Our check-out was for Sunday. Anyways if you booked the VIP service, start asking right away and talked to your rep or guests service in person. We phoned 3 times one day and never got anything at all other than being promised it would be done.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Sharm

June 2005

The only thing that saved this vacation to TRYP was the beautiful beaches. Everything else was below average except for the food. The food is horrendous! If you want to lose weight at a resort, then come here, because you’ll lose your appetite the moment you start eating at their buffet. I have so many complainants about the food that that I wouldn’t know where to start! Tryp is NOT a 4 star hotel as advertised! I would rate it at 2 plus to 3 stars at best!

Car and Scooter rentals are a rip off. Scooters are $15 peso’s for the first hour and $5 pesos for every additional hour. Don’t bother, because there is nothing to see outside of the resort. You’ll have to go to the town of Moron to see people and places.

Drinks and snacks are below average. So were the rooms.

Pool was nice.

Here is a good tip. The same company who owns TRYP, owns another resort called SOL Cayo Coco which is east of Tryp. You can get a green wrist band from where you change your towels. With this band you can use SOL’s buffet and some facilities. Trust me; the food there is much better. We walked to Sol everyday to have lunch which was spectacular. Just walk east along the beach until you’re near the end of the beach, there’s small bridge you got to cross before getting into Sol. Before the bridge is a small beach, do some snorkeling there! So many god damned fish to see!

Cayo Coco is small swampy island. There are NO locals to mingle with. Book an excursion to the half day to Moron. You’ll love it. You go into town, shop, and then they take you on a boat ride. The boat starts off in mangroves and then speeds up into Cuba’s second largest lake. The lake is spectacular. Nobody around. Seems like nobody has touched the place at all! As if we were thrown back in time where humans didn’t exist yet. What an experience.

In summary, don’t go to Tryp. Try El Senador Resort or Sol Cayo Coco which are located beside east of Tryp. I repeat, Tryp is NOT a 4 start hotel as advertised! I would rate it at 2 plus to 3 stars at best!

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Melissa

May 2005

I went to the TRYP on April 27 – May 12, this has got to be the best resort my family and I have ever been to. I am 15 years old, I went with my mum, my mum’s friend and her daughter who is 14 and my little brother who is 7. My brother didn’t complain about anything other than when he burnt, but tht was because he refused to put anymore sun cream on.

When we arrived the only people that were in the airport waiting to go through emigration were our flight, as we were all waiting all at once to go through there was quite a wait but we all seemed to get through to baggage reclaim fairly quickly, that was the worst bit, we were all tired and didn’t want to wait around anymore. When we got outside to find our rep and coach there were men offering to take our baggage to the coach, the man we had wouldn’t leave us alone until we gave him a tip though so my advice would be to try and avoid them and take your own baggage to the coach seeing as it is about 10 seconds away.

Check In
We were the only party to get off at the TRYP so we didn’t have to wait around to get checked in, it took 5 – 10 minutes untill we went to go and find our room, we got to go down the steps and to the left, we didn’t really have a clue so some kind canadians gave us a better description of where to go. When we found our two rooms they were in the 1st block on the ground floor, we had to change to another two rooms though because we didn’t feel safe with our rooms out of the way. We told Jorge, our rep, he was brilliant as he got our rooms sorted straight away and we changed to block 3 and rooms 343 and 344, we had a view of the flamenco pond and were very close to the beach.

There were two pools, the quiet pool where not many people were, my brother liked this pool the most because he could float around in his rubber ring without worrying about getting splashed, the other pool was where the pool bar was, and you could play basketball and volleyball in the water, also at 4 o clock was the crazy game which was usually always water polo but there was a game of tug of war, the girls won! The entertainers were great, one day they were dancing on a bridge over the pool and then on the wall of the waterfountain, after that they joined in the game of water polo and for a few days after that too.

Obviously I wasn’t drinking alcohol, the non-alcoholic pina colada’s were nice, so was the orange juice, i would always go to the pool bar and talk to the chef Juan Miguel, we got on well, the 24 hour snack bar was only 24 hours for drinks and the barmen here didn’t always seem as friendly as at the pool bar but you still got a smile, i didn’t realy use the other bars.

Ok, the food wasn’t too great, in the mornings I usually had pancakes or french toast, these were the best, and at night I had pasta, towards the end of the two weeks I had got used to the food and decided I could eat more than just pasta, i spoke to two of the pasta men, one of them was quite scary, he looked at me with sort of sleepy eyes, the other one was quite young, I would say he wasn’t yet 20, he was very friendly. The waitor’s were all very nice, we did tip a few and they were always asking if we wanted more to drink. We had 2 a la carte’s, I would have prefered to eat at the buffet, however, the rest of our party wouldn’t have. Every other night outside the buffet there would be two entertainers trying to get you to try the fruit punch. I got on well with most of the entertainers so I stopped to talk to them for a while.

Entertainment. The entertainment in the day were crazy games in and out of the pool, there were entertainers in the morning until about 12.30 and then the rest of them arrived at 2.30. At 5pm everyday there was a dance lesson, merengue one day and salsa the next and so on. As I am a dancer myself i found these dance lessons very enjoyable, Orlando usually took the lesson, he is really friendly and he usually sat by us when we watched the night entertainment.

At night time there was a mini disco at 8.30 every night which lasted just over half an hour. Then was the certificate giving out which lasted about 5 minutes, so if you want to get a certificate you have to win a crazy game in the daytime. The main show started at 9.30, there was usually a lot of dancing, I loved watching the dancing but it could get a bit repetitive, the best show I watched was the carribean show, a man was acting drunk around the audience and everybody thought he was being serious, it was very funny. After the show there was a disco, it started at 11, so there were a lot of people at the 24 hour bar until then, when we went in everybody would sit down until the entertainers got everybody up to do the same dances as them, they were really fun, they started with a salsa/merengue sort of one which I loved, follow da leader was also one i enjoyed, I neva really liked that song until then because the moves they did were kind of different and better, last but not least we did ‘the monkey monkey song’ which is a classic at Tryp, after a few of those songs it got into hip hop/R&B and some dance ones, the music was fairly new, Petey Pablo, Usher, J-Lo and Destiny’s Child are what i remember most, they did play ACDC – You shook me all night long and everyone would dance to that. When they put some salsa on, the entertainers would grab a someone to dance with, I was dancing with Orlando on my last night and now I have really got into salsa.

Also ladies… remember to come prepared, you should know what I mean, you might get caught short, the chemist isn’t very helpful in that department, someone we knew ended up having to use nappies!

I am definatly going back next year!! I made loads of friends because everybody is really friendly. Me and my brother cried when we left because Orlando and Johnny came to say bye to us. This is a great resort for any age.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Lisa ~ Canada

April 2005

I just got back from a wonderful family vacation and wanted to share my experience and helpful hints for future travelers. I would also like to thank everyone for all the great info! I’ve learned alot from past posts.

What a nightmare!!!!!! My family and I (8 adults, 3 kids all under 3yrs) were interrogated throughout the airport. They took my husband aside and asked every question possible. Looking through our passport book asking why and where we travelled in the past. What our occupation is and other more personal questions. They searched our luggages and every new security officer we encountered stopped us. Some even searched the same bag twice!!!!! We were upset and frustrated and couldn’t wait till we got to the resort!

Resort The grounds are lovely. The building are 2 or 3 storey. We were in building 9. They are all pretty close to everything. My sister was in building 8 and it was oceanfront. We requesting rooms together ( and main floor because of the baby stroller …no elevator) but that didn’t happen:(

We made the best of it….Telling ourselves that exericise is good. Room are really old and beds are extremely uncomfortable.We had to change rooms because our toilet didn’t work. Our new room had a broken shower head…we gave up and thought to make the best of it! If you don’t book VIP then you only get one bottle of water and gets refilled at the 24hr lobby bar:( All the $$$$ we spent and they could give us 1 new bottle everyday. But I agree with past posts…you are not really in your room that often.

What entertainment. We only saw the animation team on stage for evening show! They are not around during the day and hang out together eating and socializing amoung themselves!!!

You can’t expect to eat great food! You won’t gain any weight! The Italian al a carte was terrible and service was worst. The international food was ok. The service once again was terrible. They were annoyed when we asked for more wine! Never went to Seafood…..figured I’d get better service and enjoy my evening more if I just did it myself. TIP: Ask them to leave the bottle of wine at the table.

This is why our vacation was so wonderful. We had 7 days of sun and tried to laugh off all the like things. You try to make the best of it and not let it bother you. Heck, your on vacation right!. Beach is amazing.

Overall, I felt that we weren’t treated well from the moment we landed till the time we left! We spent over $10,000 and service sucked!!!!!! Very disappointing!

I will Never, Ever go back again!

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Randy and Sharon ~ Toronto, Canada

April 2005

My wife and I travelled to Tryp Cayo Coco on April 10 and returned on the 17th. We have travelled all over Mexico (5 vacationss), Dominican Republic (5 vacations) and Cuba(2 vacations). This was the first time we flew with Air Canada vacations. Air Canada vacations are typically a little more expensive to travel with but we got a great deal on this trip so we went with them. Air Canada was great and we will pay the extra to vacation through them from now on.

Awesome. Left early. Great meal. Great movie. Arrived early. No problems.

Airport (Cayo Coco)
Air Canada had our welcome package but the hotel representative didn’t have us registered at the hotel. She told us to get on the bus and it would get sorted out at the hotel.

Welcome to Tryp Cayo Coco: 3 Rooms in 24 hours
Checking-In was a freaking ZOO! I think Sunday travel is the busiest day at the resort. After waiting in 30 minutes in a line, we got to the counter and they still couldn’t find my name but they did, however, find my wifes. She was booked into a room with another dude. Imagine my surprise. They crossed his name out and wrote mine in and gave us room 1405 but told us it wouldn’t be ready until 1pm (2 1/2 hours later). At 1pm, we received our room keys. The bell boys were swamped driving tourists to their rooms so we decided to walk our own luggage all the way across the resort to our room. Exhausted and sweaty, we opened the door only to find the luggage of another traveller on the bed. My wife waited with the luggage while I went back to the lobby to straighten it out. When I arrived at the desk and waited in line again for 15 minutes, the front desk guy told me that there was another woman at the resort with the same first and last name as my wife. Uh-huh. We were then given room 103. I was able to get a bell boy to drive me in a cart to pick up my wife and our luggage and take us to our new room. What a moldy, rusty piped dump. It was now 1:55pm and we had our orientation at 2pm with Yamil from Air Canada. Yamil was awesome. He told me "This hotel makes mistakes all the time. After the orientation we will get it all straightened out." and he was right, he got us a room upgrade to oceanfront with a balcony…room 1433 but we had to wait until the next day to get it which was fine.

My new friend
We were finally in our new and improved room. It was fantastic. It was Monday night, 36 hours after arrival, and we had a terrific day at the pool. Time to go to bed. Its the middle of the night, I am laying on my stomach and one of my eyes open because i feel something walking on my back??? I shake a bit in bed and I can still feel it walking down my back. I sprung up to my knees and started really shaking my back and it wouldn’t fall off. Fearing it was a spider, I reached around and flicked it off onto the bed, flew out of bed and hit the lights. My wife jumps right up and says "What??!!" I pointed to the bed where there was a cockroach the size of my freaking thumb now taking my place beside my wife. She screamed at our new friend and then screamed at me to take care of it and she didn’t mean cuddle with it. I ran into the bathroom and grabbed a wad of toilet paper and came back to grab him but he grabbed me, well he grabbed the toilet paper and started walking towards my hand so i jumped off the bed and when i did that he fell to the floor. Those bastards are fast because before i knew it he was under the desk. At that point i decided to go back to bed and turn out the light much to my wife’s dismay. 30 seconds later the bed is shaking again and I look over at her and see her silhouette sitting up in bed searching for our new friend. I turned on the light to find her almost in tears and she told me I had to kill him. So I got out of bed, walked over to the desk which housed a tv, fridge, lamp and a safe and picked it up a few inches and dropped it…repeated and then started to slide it vigorously left and right…no cockroach juice to be found. My wife was satisfied with my attempt and was able to get back to sleep. We never saw him/her again.

On April 9th, the day before we arrived, Castro’s goverment increased their tax on foreign currency. 20% on US and 28% on Canadian. Now $100 Canadian is worth $72 Cuban and $100US is worth $80 Cuban…yeah right…since when is Cuban money worth more than ours or the US. Castro makes up his own exchange rates…what a farce.

Horrible. How many ways can you fry fish in oil. Pork, the other white meat was pink. Pasta with bland sauces. You get the point. Worst food we have ever had at any resort we have ever stayed at.

There were 2 pools. A party pool and a quiet pool. Both were great depending on what kind of day you wanted to have. The party pool (main pool) had to much of a line up to get a drink but the quiet pool was awesome, never more than 2 people in front of you. I tipped that bartender $10 one day and he treated me like a king for the entire week.

Awesome. One of the nicer beaches we have been on. The nicest beach we have ever been on was in La Romana at the Dominicus Palace Resort. A few topless women.

The activities staff here were practicly non-existent until the shows in the evening and the shows were mediocre at best.

A La Carte
Better than the buffet…but left much to be desired.

No problems.

Airport (Air Canada Rocks)
We arrived at the airport to a massive crowd of travellers also leaving. I mean massive. The line was out the doors by about 100 people. Our Air Canada rep was there and he guided us in and straight to the counter. We were 3rd in line. How great is that!! We were stared at and glared at by everyone in the Air Transat/Conquest/Sunquest lines…it was great!

Will we go back?

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco John ~ Canada

April 2005

Just got back from Tryp Cayo Coco. Let me start off by saying that it is a beautiful resort. It has a gorgeous beach with white sand and crystal clear bluish green water. Even the pools were nice. Now the kicker. The food was absolutely terrible. Everything was fried and had no taste to it. It was very bland. The service in the restaurants and the bars were pathetic. There were long lines at the lobby bar in the evening. Mixed drinks were bad. This was the first resort that I’ve gone to that did not have waiters at the pools or beach. If they want to make more money on tips have waiters there. Tips is a must at this resort. If you don’t tip they don’t acknowledge you Usually here, you tip if service was good. Checking in was chaotic. First of al when we got to the resort, no one was there to tell us where to go. It would have helped if our tour group was at the resort to help us check in . It was total chaos. Our room was not ready so they said to wait an hour. After an hour, they gave us a room. Unfortunately, peoples stuff were still in it. Next room the gave us was better but on the furthest spot on the resort. What is up with people claiming lounge chairs at the pool. If you don’t have a towel on a lounge chair by 7:30 in the morning, you aren’t getting a spot. The part that killed me was a lot of the people were leaving their chair for hours at a time while other people can be using them. Be aware a lot of the people are Canadian , English and French. When waiting to get either a towel or a table at the restaurant, have some consideration. Let the person who was waiting there first get served first. I’m not gonna say which part of Canada didn’t understand this concept. What’s up with this new peso. First time I ever heard about a peso being worth more than the american dollar. I was disappointed with this resort, people talked highly of it and recommended it. Live and learn I guess. Let’s just say I will not be going back to Tryp Cayo Crapo or Cuba.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Marcy and George ~ Canada

April 2005

Four of us left Sunday from Hamilton on West Jet…after a 5 hour delay due to a freak snow storm. West Jet was fabulous, supplying us with pizza, drinks and snacks to tide us over. The crew was super funny and made the delay seem less difficult.

We arrived at the Tryp and the open air reception area was lovely. The resort is kept very clean, except for a stagnant pool of water that lies beneath the walkway leading to the buffet. They really must drain that or clean it in some way. stinky!

The buffet was the worst….bland and very greasy. We tried to be creative and mix and match what was available. The desserts were basically the same and not that great. With exception of their rice pudding which was very good. The cappuccino’s were fantastic and we made it a 3 times a day routine to enjoy one. If we had realized that we could book at the ala cartes more than twice we would have…as the food was much better. Especially at the International restaurant…excellent food and fine dining service! I would recommend that if you plan to go to this resort that you upgrade your package to get 4 ala cartes included for the week OR try your luck booking on different days and hope the staff don’t notice you booked more than twice for the week. The drinks are fine but don’t expect frothy blended tropical drinks. Most are made over ice and because of the lack of fresh fruit, syrups are used for flavouring instead. Not like the lush drinks of Mexico. Not horrible but a little too sweet . Very good beer and the mohitos are very nice. Did I mention how good the cappuccino’s are!!!!

The room was very clean and kept that way the entire week by our maid. Our Ocean view was spectacular. We left little gifts and tips for the maid and serving staff. Although they don’t expect anything, it is always greatly appreciated. Just remember to tip in Convertible Pesos. We had very prompt service when needed… a light had burnt out in the bathroom and the TV stopped working….both were fixed promptly. I recommend you bring your own hair dryer that can be used with 220 v, as the ones provided don’t work very well. You may notice too that the light is very dim in the bathrooms….making applying make up a little tricky at times.

I had a massage at the gym for only 25 pesos for an hour. Well worth it, and super affordable. The massage is given by a physiotherapist and I felt totally rejuvenated.

The resort was full when we were there and it was impossible to get a longer by the pool unless you came down at 6 am to lay a towel on one. Instead of setting our alarm early every morning we spent our days on the most gorgeous beach I have ever seen. The sand is white and super soft. The Ocean is light blue and warm. And there is a constant warm breeze that allows you to lie out all day and not feel all sweaty and hot. The beaches are what makes me want to return.

The disco was okay, as well as the entertainment. There is something to do at all times of the day if you are so inclined….water aerobics, pool volleyball, dance lessons, tennis lessons, bingo, et cetera. They really try to make your stay enjoyable at the TRYP. If you want you can even head down to the other Sol Melia resort, just down the street and partake in what they have to offer as part of the all inclusive package.

The excursions booked up very quickly…actually only one was available when we arrived. Disappointing the men who wanted to go snorkelling all week.

We had tonnes of fun but we probably wouldn’t return to the TRYP mainly because of our lack of things to eat.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Pam ~ Canada

April 2005

Other resorts I have been to. Pelicanos Comples PV Mexico, Oasis Playa Cancun, RIU Tequila Playa Del Carman, Barcelo Maya 3 times in the Mayan Riviera..
April 3 to 10, Flew out of Hamilton Ontario. 5 hour delay from a snow storm. West Jet the best I have flown yet, leather seats,extra leg room, sat tv and the best staff.

Tryp was lovely, I had read all the reviews on every review site and was a bit worried. Well there were some things that were correct like the buffet was the worst, no flavor and no selection. Use to going to Mexico and buffets are way better there. So the solution there is eat at the specialty restaurants, we did every night. They are outstanding, we ate garlic shrimp and lobster all week, yes there is a sercharge but very little for what you get. Yes we did tip well, but no it is not expected. Service was outstanding either way.

Rooms were all fine no mold or problems with the sheets being dirty, no musty smells at all.
We had 2 minor problems with the rooms, broken hair dryer and no hot water. All fixed within 1 hour. Front desk was excellent, they go out of there way to make sure you have everything you need. So not sure what the problems others have had complaining about the staff and front desk. The resort was totally full and still no problems. Yes you do have to get up early to get a pool or beach chair, but most places are like that. They a lovely quiet pool up by building #1, in fact we ended up all skinny dipping in it on our second last night until other people decided hang around the pool so our fun was over. LOL a few drinkies and anything goes, hope we did not offend anyone.

Disco- they did not play very good music, so did not stay to long, went a few times. The guy they have that sings like Tom Jones was the best, we all danced to him.

So all in all a lovely resort, best beach I have ever seen, grounds a bit dry and rooms a bit out dated but had everything we needed and we also had ocean view room. Everyone we went with was very surprised how nice the place was. We met some of the best people ever Mike, Joanne and Mary-Anne you guys were the best, I did have to fight the tears when saying good buy, thanks for making our vacation very special, my voice is finally returning from laughing soooo much. Hope to see you all very soon.

So in order to get specialty restaurants everyday book then all at different times of the week, they don’t know if you have only used your two reservations. You can ever go the Italian and work something out with out even going to the lobby. The Italian and International were outstanding. The seafood restaurant/day time pizza place was great too, you don’t get asked if you want another round of lobster tails here in Canada.

Trip is a 3 star in grounds and rooms but everything else is 4-5 star, go and enjoy please e mail me of you have any questions or need a specific picture of something sent to you. We would return in a heartbeat. Some people are just too picky. We have been to better but this place met all our requirements. Dont forget you get to use the Sol Cayo Coco every day up to 5pm and they have a better quality buffet, best pasta bar we have ever had, 20 minute walk down the beach. I could go on forever, so many nice surprises we found at TRYP Cayo Coco to list.

Have a great trip if you go, please tip these lovely people they treat you like gold and don’t have much money. Thanks for listening Pam I have pictures posted on Trip Advisor with this same review any questions

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Leigh-Anne ~ Amherst, Nova Scotia

April 2005

My name is Leigh-Anne and I am 17 years old from Amherst, Nova Scotia. My family and I went on vacation to Trip Cayo Coco, Cuba departing Feb.28, 2005. This was my first trip to the Caribbean and it will definitely not be my last. Once I was home I just started to cry because I realized how much I enjoyed myself. Anyways, this will hopefully help all of you who are trying to decide where to travel to.

Beach: Absolutely breath taking. No other words needed. Not a rock to be found in front of our resort. The water was so clear and if you think it feels chilly, I promise you as soon as you get in you will be warm. Our complex was number 14 so we were like 15 seconds from the beach and never had a problem getting chairs(around 9-10am) right by our walk way to the beach. One day we went for a walk down to the point to the right where El Senador is. The view from the point is really nice. Take shoes though because the rocks on the point are really sharp. We enjoyed watching the pelicans dive bomb into the water for fish.

Rooms: They were much better then I excepted, however I expected the worst. The maids were wonderful and you don’t have to worry about them taking a thing. We had an ocean-view room but there were a few palm trees in the way of the view but it was still nice. Complex 14 is the farthest you can get from the lobby but we didn’t mind. It was only like a 3-minute walk to the lobby. It was good to be away from all the hustle and bustle around the lobby and main pool.

Pools: We didn’t spend much time in the pool as we were always on the beach. I enjoyed playing basketball and volleyball in the pool. The bartender at the swim up pool bar was awesome. He flipped the rum bottles all around and stuff. There were always games going on around the pool. Don’t be scared to participate in them! They are really fun! The quiet pool was really close to our room. It’ a nice little spot.

Food: I am a really picky eater and I did not go hungry one bit! However, if you are a ketchup fanatic like myself, I would bring a bottle of Heinz ketchup. It makes the fries taste really good. There was a wide variety at the buffet. One could always find something to eat. We went to two a-la-carte dinners. I think they were the Italian and International. The Italian one was at The Grill and it was pretty good. I had the salmon and thought it was delicious. Didn’t really like the Italian one(restaurant by the lobby bar).

I spent the majority of my time at the Pizza place on the beach. I LOVED the pizza! And if you go there ask to speak with Eddy"Beer" as I called him and tell him that Leigh-Anne"Tequilla" says hello(I was the girl who drank all the fruit punch). Me and Eddy were tight.

The Grill was good for lunch as well. I had the chicken and fries whenever I went there. It was tasty.

Excursions: I went on 2 excursions. One went into the town of Moron(the 3 hour trip I think) where we went on horse and buggy around town and then had free time to explore. After that we went to a lake where we went on a boat ride to this place that looked like a jungle. It was soo cool! The boat drivers are really friendly and funny as well.( at least ours was). We then got to try some fish and then went back to the resort. I recommend this trip.

I also went on a catamaran out to a Coral Reef. It was so nice. I paid 20 pesos to go. Just my friend and I went with a lifeguard and boat driver. Amazing. I would have paid 100 pesos to go. BRING AN UNDERWATER CAMERA!

Entertainment: There was a piano player in the lobby most of the time. Very enjoyable to listen to. At night there was a little kids show which I really liked. The kids were so cute! And then the main show was after that. It was a lot of dancing and one night they do this Miss Cayo Coco contest which I found rather funny. There are always thing going on during the day around the pool. Bingo, crazy games, there is pool tables, ping pong tables etc. IF, for some strange reason you’re bored, you can always find something to do!

Overall: I would go back in a heart beat. I had an amazing time. Loved the staff. We met a groundskeeper who came like 4 times and cracked open coconuts for us. I highly recommend this resort to all ages. There is something for everyone. Go with an open mind. If you are some rich snob looking for you sheets to be fluffed don’t go here. However, we met some really rich people from England who really liked the resort. This is a place to relax, have fun. I wish you a memory filled, sunny week at the Tryp! Adious.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Stephanie ~ Toronto

April 2005

I went to Tryp Cayo Coco for the week of Feb 26th. I’ve been to Varadero/Cancun/Dominican and on several cruises. I took this vacation with my parents and two sisters (all adults). The flight was Air Transat, one of my favourite charters. Checking into the toronto airport is no problem, in Cuba on the return that’s another issue, prepare for a long wait. From my experience here I would recommend paying the extra money for your return seat selection, there is no real need to in Toronto though.

Overall the Cayo Coco area is beautiful, this is one of the best beaches I’ve seen, I can honestly say that the only better beach I’ve been on is in Aruba. The sand is very fine, and the water is shallow, the bottom is very sandy and nice. The beach is very long and if you just walk away from the beach bars you find empty loungers. The water was mostly very calm.

The evenings are pretty cool and we wore pants and a light jacket. During the day though it was hot and nice, even on the cloudy day we had.

RESORT The resort is very large and the grounds are well maintained, there is a very expansive swimming pool with plenty of room around it for lounge chairs. We were staying in complex 4 on the ground floor and the patio in the back was facing the flamingos. It was nice walking out to these beautiful birds who have learned to take the bread very gently from your hands.

There are free bicycle rentals on site, you will quickly see that this is a resort town, once you leave the property you will ride pass nothing else but other hotels.

The only warning that I would have to give is: THEY EXPECT TIPS. It’s the kind of place where you don’t reward good service with a tip, if you want good service (or any service at all for that matter) you MUST tip them. If you walk up to a bar you will have to wait until all the people who tip get there drinks before yours comes. When your in the pasta line at the buffet their is a tip plate set out for the guy who makes your food for you. With the resort being so large most of the staff will not recognize you, so even if you do tip heavily you won’t always have someone to recognize you and give you prompt service, and it’s difficult carrying money around when your just in a swim suit.

Every evening started off with the children’s show, which is the same thing every night. The P.A. is rather loud, and if you don’t have children of your own, the cuteness wears off on the 3rd or 4th night. As for the adult section, there was a lot of dancing. Not very much variety, it appeared like the same show each night with different costumes.

There were many choices at the buffet, and they’re always the make you own pasta stand as a back up. Overall I would say it’s typical Cuban quality, nothing fabulous, everything very edible. But eating at the buffet for a week does get tedious. We went to the Italian specialty restaurant. Don’t get the lasagna , it’s awful. Get the other pasta, and pay the extra peso’s for the shrimp, you’ll get more than you can eat.

Over all I would say that this is a very nice resort, and if you don’t mind the unofficial tipping policy you’ll have a great time. This resort is pretty large, the tennis courts are very nice. It’s very quiet and not very much night life. If your looking for a quiet vacation it’s a good place.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Julie

March 2005

I like to keep these short as there are lots to read. Beach was great, Worst buffet in 10 years of travel mostly due to the availability of food in Cuba.

Snorkelling excellent just off the restaurant. Fed bananas, saw at least 100 fish and a stingray.

Many in our group had bed bugs, Check your bed. We heard of one mattress and sheets covered in mold, I read the internet when I got home. This was most likely the excrement of the bed bugs as it smells like a sweet mold. It would be worth looking up and knowing how to identify these before going anywhere in the Caribbean. Lots of activities at this resort the neighbours complained theirs were boring. Nice ride on the horse drawn buggy. Find out if the tips go to the hotel before tipping heavily. I heard rumours they must turn in their tips or part of them. Great glass bottom snorkel trip only 20 us worth it. Fairly good snorkel equipment compared to other resorts. Took a taxi to Moron and visited several sites, crocodile farm, sugar cane fields, a school ( no gifts were excepted) , a gift shop, the train station. Cost 110 US for 6 for 4 hours.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Jamie ~ Canada

March 2005

Resort: TRYP Cayo Coco
Travel Dates: March 2005
Travellers: Jamie + 3 (all about 30 years old)

Well, what a time. We spent 7 sun-filled days at what we went away from believing to be a great resort.

We arrived around noon hour on Sunday (March break – very busy), which is a busy turnaround day anyways, and had to wait until 1:30PM to get into our room – it wasn’t cleaned yet. However, they gave us our bracelets, and we decided to check out the pool, and the bar. Our first impressions of the resort were quite good, with the view from the lobby being incredible to say the least. We spent the next hour and a half poolside, swimming, sunning, drinking and eating…a good start.

At 1:30 one of our rooms were ready, and we found out that the other room was only 2 doors down from the one that was ready, so we headed out. This is where we realized how large this resort was. We had a little bit of a walk to get to our building (#1 – Los Cocos), but had the advantage of being away from the noise of the nightlife – which we didn’t need anyways, but was nice – and had a view of the ocean from our balcony. The beach was a 30 second walk away – WOW. The rooms themselves were basic, but for what they were used for – SLEEP & down time – were fine and clean. We left a tip for the cleaning lady every day and everything was cleaned/straightened up and our water bottle was refilled. The air conditioning worked fine, as did the fan and the hot water, with the only difficlulty being the TV that sort of worked – caught a few CUBAN baseball games late at night – but if you are in CUBA to watch TV, stay home anyways.

Our favourite part of the resort. The beach on Cayo Coco stretches forever! White sand that stretches to the end of the Blau Colonial on the left of our resort (to the West) and to the El Senador and then the Sol Club Cayo Coco to the Right (to the East). It would take you 30 minutes or more to walk the entire stretch. The water is warm, and crystal clear, and no problem getting spots to sit if you looked. We went snorkelling every day. The reef is a good stretch away from the beach so the sand is under ground for swimming. As for the snorkelling – WOW. The fish life is vast and varied with colours all over the rainbow. We brought our snorkel equipment but the resort will supply you with it, you just sign it out at the beachfront. You can also sign out kayaks, paddle boats (we did), and cattamarans. There are a couple of "salesmen" on the beach, promoting massage, or some of the trips, but once you say "not interested" they left us alone. We also took advantage of the banana boat ride and the driver took us for a wild ride – tried to knock us off – was a blast!

We didn’t use the quiet pool – seemed nice – but was quiet and peaceful. The main pool was great for swimming and was always full of activities. 2 volleyball nets in the pool, 2 basketball nets, the pool swim up bar – with an ice tossing bartender who was always smiling. All kinds of twists and turns and full of sun and shady spots. The pool tables and boccia ball games are at pool side as is ping pong, and the towel service is right there – no problem getting fresh towels each day! Lots of chairs!

RESTAURANTS: We tried all of the restaurants except the Cuban one – still not sure even where it was..haha. The buffet was well stocked, and personally I thought there was a great variety of food. Fish, beef, chicken, pork, fruits, veggies and fresh breads of all kinds and all sorts of on the floor chefs who would carve or cook your food for you the way you want it. The desserts are bland, but the rest was very tasty.

We ate all breakfasts at the buffet and were well fed. I prefer fruit and cereal in the morning with my juice and was able to do so. The omelette bar was very busy but looked great – don’t like omelettes myself. The pancakes are rubbery! We ate our lunches mostly at the grills throughout the resort. La Barcaza – Pizza was very good and the Picua grill had sanwiches, burgers, stir fries, and roasted chicked which were all quite tasty. I highly recommend the International restaurant – we played baseball with the waiters, and kitchen staff – as the food was incredible, and the boys are very friendly. Live music at your table. Try the snapper done in creole sauce – fantastic.

The front desk staff is a little on the cold side, but I didn’t spend much time at the front desk. The bank always has a line up to convert your money, but do it a couple of times not every day makes it tolerable. The cigar/rum store is well stocked, but the staff is definitely not enjoying themselves. Piano players and musicians in the lobby very talented but looking for CD sales. The animation staff – entertainment staff are full of energy and can dance like there is no tomorrow. They are very friendly and make a great effort to get lots of people involved in the activities. At night they put on some very entertaining shows for both kids and adults. The kids have a show – Mini Disco – at 8:30 every night and then there is a regular show at 9:30….worth going every night to the amphitheatre.

Some of the bartenders are fabulous and others are boring. The staff at the Snack bar – 24h bar – are great. We tipped on a regular basis and were served with great kindness. The lobby bar staff seem like they are quite a bit snooty….too good to serve. The drinks are great and the beer is always flowing.

EXCURSIONS: We did 2 of the excursions. The glass bottom boat – $20 per person – which took us to a coral reef. You sign up for this on the beach at the nautical center – where you get the snorkel stuff – and the boat picks you up on the beach. It goes 2 or 3 times a day and takes about an hour and half. The reef is nice and the fish are plentiful, but I found if you swam out away from the beachfront, you saw as many different kinds or more of fish. However for a person who doesn’t want to swim a long way to see fish, this might be the best route.

The second trip we took was with the Jungle Tour boats on Cayo Guillermo. Definitely worth the $39 per person. The boats are fun, although they scare you at the start with the waiver – saying you pay for the boat if there are any damages. The boats are a blast, and the snorkelling they take you on is the best we saw in Cuba. Even got to swim into a cave and see a Nurse Shark. The trip is best early in the morning so try for the 8 or 9 AM trip.

I want to go back RIGHT NOW! This was a fantastic vacation, and I look forward to going back to this resort in the future. My wife and I have been to Holguin, and the Dominican to 4 and 5 star resorts and I found the TRYP Cayo Coco the most enjoyable of them all.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco Art & Sheila ~ Ontario, Canada

March 2005

We have found these reviews to be very helpful but very mixed at the same time. We decided to go to Tryp to find out for ourselves. It was a very beautiful resort and we would go back in a heart beat. We are in our late 30’s. Check in at the resort took 1 hour as there were 3 bus loads of people that came at the same time. I did read a review about asking where the ramps are for your luggage but I failed to ask and we carried our luggage down the stairs, that was not fun so do make sure you ask you will be glad that you did.

The Airport at Cayo Coco was very clean and after reading one of the other reviews about them not weighing you luggage, they were weighing luggage just not your carry on’s.

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The maids always cleaned our room and we did listen to other people and brought stuff like, hair clips, toothpaste, band aids etc…. When our water bottle was empty we put the empty bottle on the pillow along side our gift and we were given a new bottle with no problems. We never had a problem with running out of hot water. We were in building 1 second floor which we had a beautiful view from our balcony. Yes they have balconies unlike El Senador, we were told this buy another couple that were on the same excursion we were. They had also mentioned that it was very dry over at EL Senador, they also told us they took a walk into the Tryp and found it to be more beautiful.

We didn’t go to any of the A la carte’s so I can’t tell you what they were like. The buffet was okay, my husband enjoyed it everyday. They had a lot of the same foods but they did mix it up everyday, you had a big variety. The pizza at the beach bar was great I just loved it. The hamburgers at the other grill were good as well. The 24 snack bar served grilled ham & cheese that you have to ask for at the bar and they were very good as well. Some of the reviews I read mentions about tipping is expected, I did not see that at all we tipped because we wanted to not because they made us feel we had to.

The beach was absolutely breath taking it was very beautiful. There was one day that was real windy and the next day there were lots of jelly fish on shore other than that one day I didn’t see any. The ocean was so warm. There were no mosquitos or any other bugs.

We did take our own face cloth which I was glad we did, they had some but they were as big as a small hand towel. They also give you a package of shampoo and body gel along with a shower cap. On our departure day which we didn’t leave until 7:45pm we choose not to pay to keep our room longer and I am glad we didn’t. They had 3 complimentary rooms for people to shower and change. They had lots of clean towels and shampoo and body wash in the room, the only thing is to remember to bring your own face cloth with you to the room.

For our excursion we went on the trip to Moron and the sugar cane factory, it was nice to see the country side. It was a good tour and our tour guide was very informative.

The entertainment was okay.

We have traveled to Dominican, Mexico & Jamaica. Jamaica was my favorite place until Cuba what a beautiful place!!! This resort is rated a 4 star and it does stand up to that.

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Club Tryp – Cayo Coco CS From Parry Sound, Ontario

March 2005

We are from Ontario and went as a group of 18 march 11 to march 18. The resort is very nice with great pools and the ocean was fantastic. The grounds were very clean and well maintained. The food was, you know, Cuba food with the exception of the beach side restaruants. They were very good. This was the second time in Cuba, different resort. Our room was very, very musty and our blankets were like sleeping in a wet sleeping bag. Everything in the room was damp and smelly. We went to customer service the first morning at 8:55 and the customer rep said to wait outside, he wasn’t open until 9. First impression was not good. At 9 we went back in and discussed our issues with him. He said this is cuba and we are beside the ocean. We asked if they would please change the sheets (dry sheets) daily and the rep said yeah sure.. I marked my sheets with a pen and sure enough they didn’t get changed. By the third day, I was in bed, coughing and sniffling. I called three more times and my wife went to cust service two more times asking to please change the bedding so we no longer felt like we were camping. Yeah sure they said and still nothing was changed.

On the fourth day I decided to delver the linen to them and stripped the beds and the pillow cases. I was shocked when I seen what was under the pillow cases. The pillows were 80% covered in black mold and one pillow even had two huge blood stains on it. I hauled everything down to house keeping with the exception of these two pillows which I took up to cust service. They weren’t too excited about helping me still and really didn’t seem to care for that matter. The beding was changed and they did bring new clean pillows and I did start to feel better right away. The second issue we had were the 300 teenagers running around unsupervised. There is no drinking age in Cuba and these kids 15 – 18 were having a great time. They took over the bars, the pool, the restaurants, they were everywhere. They were drunk at 10 am and stayed drunk until long after we went to bed. They were making out in the lobby at the pool or where ever they felt they had the urge. We didn’t see any adults with any of them at any time. The hotel did nothing to try and contain these little monters either. They just kept making them shooters, 15 at a time. At one point, I approached a couple in the middle of the pool area and told them to get a room. They were mostly from Canada. We met people that really enjoyed the resort and had no complaints and I think that is the key. If you don’t need service from the staff, you will do fine but when you have an issue, good luck. Cuba in my mind is not a cheap vacation and we should not be treated as though we third class visitors.

By the time you pay for all the gifts, leave all the tips so you do get service from the servers and pay for all the outings, it isn’t such a cheap vacation is it?

We will not return to Cuba.

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