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Coconut Beach Resort  

POB 1427 | Yepton Beach, St. John’s, Antigua

"Coconut Beach is a terrible place to stay."
Posted by: Scott06 on Dec 1, 2005
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We stayed at the Coconut Beach Resort December 2005. The resort is "all inclusive" although, realistically this just means with food and drinks. There are exclusions to these. They advertised a water sports dept., but this turned out just to be a couple of sea kayaks and a broken sun sail boat, to use the kayaks, you had to track down the only employee who could hand these to you. When he’s gone you’re out of luck. The rooms were ok, we stayed in a junior suite. Availability of towels was scarce. Getting a clean beach towel took luck and timing. During out stay, we met a lot of people staying there and NO ONE had anything good to say about this resort.

I could go on and on about it but let me just summarize by saying Antigua is a wonderful island! Coconut Beach is a terrible place to stay.

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