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We were planning a trip to Mexico with the family. After lots of searching for resorts that welcome children we agreed on Crown Paradise due to the water park and the extras that are geared towards kids.
This is not a place I would choose to go if I weren’t taking my kids with me but on a family trip, I would definitely go back.

Room Number:

Rooms: The rooms were fine, clean and everything worked well. We were lucky enough to get a fridge in our room as I understand they aren’t offered in every room.

Restaurants and Bars: Food was only so-so compared to other resorts I’ve been to. They had lots of please the little ones so that’s what mattered most. Drinks were good, you could actually taste that they do use alcohol unlike some places where the drinks are so watered down.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: The water park & pools were excellent. They keep the temperatures of the pools nice and warm so no matter the air temp or time of day, the kids were more than happy to hop in. Beach was nice although the peddlars got a little annoying. There are SO many of them and they just walk up and down offering their stuff for sale. They were polite and carried on with a simple ‘No thanks’.

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