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I have been asked by several people on different trips if I post on Debbie’s. My pictures on my avatar helps people to recognize me. Complete strangers come up to me at airports, and at resorts. I have connected with several people (and lurkers) from the boards, without even knowing that they were going to be at the same resort as me. Last year I started to laminate business cards to put on and in my luggage, and tie them on with tie straps, laminating a symbol of sorts onto the business card would be easy!


Here is an example of a "Debbie’s tag" on my camera case. In Winnipeg, a 1 inch pin button (the kind that have a locking pin on the back) is hard to find but I think a button would be a better idea as you can pin it on a camera case or beach bag etc.So let’s see now, you spot a person with a "Debbie’s tag", is the correct protocol to say: "I see you visit Debbie’s too…" or perhaps: "You wouldn’t happen to be (example only) phlatlanders would you…". ‘Course in my case age, tan and shiny dome are giveaways…

I’ve been purchasing custom italian charms for Christmas which are available as necklaces, dog tags, bracelets,earrings and watch straps just to name a few. Available in several different sizes. They’re not expensive at all and in a larger quantity would even be less I would think.here’s a rough draft…

Hey, Bigjohn – take a pic of that thong when you’ve completed it!

Hi Freezing, No polar bear photos?

I don’t frequent the other boards on Debbie’s but I’m sure forum readers/contributors visiting other Caribbean countries would recognize Debbie’s logo.

Why don’t you give it a try and then let us know!

Definately not discreet, but, I have a small palm tree tattoo on my inner ankle. I didn’t really get it in honour of Debbie’s Website…please don’t tell her!!!! But if it helps me to meet the great people on this site…well…maybe I did get it for the "right" reason. Could someone explain this to my mom! lol!!!


This also brought up another Question, but since it’s related I’ll post it here.With every travel board, there is a "Meeting Place" etc. where travellers can plan to meet up.But since many of us have never seen each other, how do you Identify yourself, once you arrive in Cuba, so others can find you?For me, it’s my Black Cozumel Banada… Some have a special T-Shirt. So what’s your meeting plan? Well, in the past, we have exchanged our names, via pm, with people we plan to meet up with. Upon arrival, we leave a message at reception for the other people with our room number and vice versa. That way we can phone each others rooms and set up a meeting.

As for the couple we are meeting up with in a few weeks, (Monteverde and hubby) they get there before us and know when we will be arriving and plan to greet us in the lobby bar with a couple of cold drinks. We’ve never met in person so it should be fun

I just want to know how to get it to print… not having any luck with that at all..
I just want to know how to get it to print… not having any luck with that at all..

I can relate to that because it sometimes happens to me too.

Then I realize I should have turned the printer on first. ;D

This is a great idea! Hats off to phlatlander for suggesting it

I got it! I actually got it! And I have added another line with my "name" under "Travel Forum", so if someone stumbles across me they will know who it was that tripped them!

Hi,printed some on Saturday. in process of fixing them to my travel mug and carryon/beachbag, I think its a great idea, it would be nice to meet others from the board.Only 6 more days til my toes hit the sand at BCV, yahoooo
"bump"This was a fun thread and new and old members, planning upcoming trips to Cuba, might want to take part in creatively announcing "we are from Debbie’s" ;D ;D


Geez , I better get a move on this one!we are going to be at Breezes when a few others are also..short of shouting in the lobby , this seems much more civilized!LOLI like it!!Karen

( on the hunt for palm logos now…..)

Back this past January, was at Brisas Guardalavaca, had the Debbie’s Palm Tree symbol on the side of my…..20 oz Bubba, had met up with a couple of peeps from this forum……..it works.
Great idea, Iremon….I guess none of us thought to share it (are we hoarders of great ideas on the Cuba forum :o). Well, better late than never 8-). Thanks for the suggestion. I’m now going to move it

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