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Does anyone know if you have to wait at least 10 months after your final divorce decree in order to get married in Cuba.Thank you,Niki
bearman Guest I don’t know Cuban requirements or what Nova Scotia usually requires however in Ontario it is generally 30 days after the final decree BUT, this can be wiaved at your request so that there is no waiting period.I would presume that if you have your final decree from Canada that you would only have to follow the prescibed rules for obtaining a license and getting married. ( Different countries have different waiting periods for ‘foreigners’ to be married in their countries). If you are marrying a Cuban National then there may be special rules associated with that. The Cuban embassy would be your best link to accurate information.

If you are merely going to Cuba to be married I would suggest doing the legal paperwork in Canada and having your marriage registered here and doing a "Ceremony" in Cuba. This saves having to have your license translated and then registered (and don’t lawyers make enough money already?)

I got married on Jan.11/06 in Cuba. This is what I presented to them to get married. But a good idea is if you could get in touch with the wedding coordinator at the resort. I think the majority of the time the Consulate just tries to get money out of you.All I needed was my passport, my divorce certificate notarized and the notarized translated and legalized by the Consulate and the tourist card. I did not need a declaration of single status. I sent them(the resort) photocopies of my passports, my witnesses’ passports, birth certificates, translated and legalized divorce certificate(notarized version as well as original). To get the divorce certificate done it cost $368CDN $160 per page to have both languages legalized and $48 for the translation itself, to get that done you need your passport and they also photocopied my driver’s license? If you don’t appear in person another $32 and a self-addressed envelope.Most importantly these documents must be within a 6 month time frame of your wedding so don’t get them done too soon or they will not be any good and can’t get married.

Hope that helps and if you have any other questions let me know.

Can someone tell me if the final decree divource certificate is the one that comes from family court…has a gold stamp on it and just states that the marrage of so and so and so and so is disloved as of whatever date?

Its been awhile but ya I’m pretty sure that’s what it is, it should state somewhere on the piece of paper that it is the divorce certificate.

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