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I stayed at this hotel 13 years ago on business and booked it for this trip based on that stay. My how far it has fallen. We stayed on the executive floor (piso 7) after an upsell at check in which I fell for. For an extra 25 USD a night, you get access to the 8th floor happy hour (5 to 7pm) and continental breakfast there too. I only went twice. Once there was one other guy smoking a cigar in the smoking room, and once there was a guy talking on his phone. Not a very "happy" hour if you ask me. I went to go on my last night, but the 8th floor was closed off for a private event (without notice to the guests who paid for access to it). Don’t waste your money. The breakfast buffet on the Main floor served the same bland 6 hot items every day. I love dominican food, but the Mangu here was almost like soup one day, and needed to be cut with a knife the next. Our room was very dated, musty smelling (dehumidifier in the hallway throughout our stay) bathroom fixtures poorly fitted, stained and threadbare carpeting, old furniture, not even a cheap flatscreen TV…an old tube TV…amazing.

This is not a reflection on Santo Domingo, or the Dominican Republic, or her people who I love (even married one), it is just this hotel. I have stayed in dozens of places in the DR and enjoyed all of them in different ways, but this hotel will never see another dollar out of my wallet.

Room Number:

Room Block:
7th floor

Arrival: normal check in process, but slow

This is where the upsell happens…don’t do it.

Rooms: Our room was dated, old furniture, old tv, unreliable wifi and smelled musty.

I can’t comment on other rooms, or other floors. Your room key also operates the elevator and will only allow you to go to the floor your room is on.

Restaurants and Bars:
Only had the breakfast buffet which was bland and the selection never varied from day to day on my 4 night visit

Pool looked nice, but I didn’t use it

Other Comments: There are way better options than this property.

They are in the middle of litigation with local property owners now trying to build a new tower addition to the hotel. Perhaps that is why they aren’t seeming to place any real effort to improve the original hotel, that’s just my guess

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