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Arrival: Jan 15-23, 2009 We arrived here by taxi from Dreams Punta Cana after a less than memorable (least good ones) stay at that resort from January 9th-14th. Upon arriving we were greetings with Champagne with a cherry in it, and a total different atmosphere than at DPC. Check in was effortless..we arrived at 1pm and had our room keys exactly at 3pm as promised. The bellman took our bags to our rooms, and even refused to be tipped…said it was ‘his pleasure’. We gave him $5 anyways told him to give it to his kids then…he just smiled.


We had just the standard room, no upgrades, no special ‘vip’ treatments, nothing, and were left in awe at how nice this room was. Huge queen size bed, dresser, night tables, writing table, end chairs, large bathroom, big balcony and everything worked!!! The safe was large enough to put my laptop in if I wanted to, but we just left it on the end table…plugged in the entire time. No worries.

Restaurants and Bars:

I could go on and on here. Lets start with the basics… World Cafe, this is the general dinning/buffet room. Food is varied, abundant, and excellent. Champagne and orange juice every morning, or every meal if you so choose. The ala cartes were the highlights of our meals though. The Bordeaux is for ADULTS ONLY..no one under 18 allowed in this restaurant. Food was magnificent. The SeaSide Grill was our next favorite, they had a rib eye steak that was at least 2 lbs, and so tender, I would find it hard to compare it to any steakhouse here in Canada. The ElPatio, is a nice ala carte as well, serving a variety of cuisine. There is also an Italian, Japanese and Asian restaurant, but we never made it to those, but the stories we heard from others who attended was only raves and very very few ‘it was okay’. So in general, meals here were fabulous, with NO restervations required. BARS: The lobby bar is the most popular next to the pool swim up bar of course, and they have nightly music and a very laid back atmosphere. Service is beyond belief, if you tip or dont tip, service was excellent. Each day they had a ‘drink of the day’ and they are well worth trying out…. Sammy Sosa’s were favorties of the ladies, while alot of us guys were the double bailey’s on the rocks, or golden pineapple guys. They have all top shelf alcohol here…just ask for it by name and you will get it at no extra charge. Drinks we found here were not as over powering as we have had at other resorts…they dont use as much of the 151 here I think… LOL There was also a daily beach bbq which you could get burgers, fries, hot dogs and sometimes chicken. Filled those mid day hunger pangs! There were also waitresses that went up and down the beach and poolside areas to take your drink orders, that were unbelievable. Marta was our favorite, and she was such a sweetie.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Pool…two words describe them…Beautiful, Immaculate! Lots of chairs, loungers, water floaters, towels for all…never once did we have to go without. Beach…kept very clean and you could go out into the water at any time without need of watershoes which was a nice change from Dreams Punta Cana. The Grounds on this resort were some of the best manicured and well kept grounds that I have been on in all my trips to the Dominican. They should be commended! We made a habit of giving the grounds crews a coke or sprite whenever we could, and the smiles were heartwarming.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:

This is the first trip we didnt go on many tours. The main trip we took was with MikeFisher from here at Debbies… This was one of the most memorable trips we have had. Not just because of the sailfish we caught, but because of Mike’s expertise, courtesty, friendship and his experienced crews. Would definitely do this trip everytime we are there without hesitation! Only other trip we did was self exploring in the little barrio town around the resort for some local colour, cold beer, and shopping. Definitely worth it if you want to buy goods at local prices instead of tourist prices! Coffee was under $4 instead of the resort $8-9 price.

Other Comments:

Only negative comment we can make, if you can even call it a negative, is that the main entertainment centre wasnt completed yet, but should be by mid February according to the Entertainment director. They still had a temporary stage set up outside building 3. Only other small pet peeve I had was the very small casino. They had one caribbean poker table, NO 3 card poker, 3 blackjack, 2 roulette, no holdem, and just a handfull of slots… nice way to kill hour or two. Drinks were included of course! If you want to do some local shopping for dominican prices…go out the front gates, walk down the left sidewalk about 1500 yards or more, you will come across a corner store called La Defensa… incredible prices and quality. We went there a few times.

OVERALL…. I would recommend Dreams Palm Beach to anyone, and would definitely return again in the future. I will be posting my pics as soon as we download all the cameras and sort them into a manageable order.

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