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The weather was great and the hotel was beautiful, but we did have some problems our fan stopped working, the keys stopped working at least every other day and we were the furthest building from the lobby,the air conditioner leaked all over the floor twice, we called and complained and all they did was bring us towels, they also had someone come in while we were getting ready for dinner and change the mirror in the bathroom and he also took the hair dryer at that time for no reason and never brought a new one back. We also had problems with the staff if we were not out of our room by 8am and back before 5pm our room would not be cleaned for the day. They also had people constantly nagging you to go to their new resort down the street, at least 4-5 of them would bug you during the day while you were walking around and even while laying on the beach. The food was okay my boyfriend and another couple we met both got sick from the seafood. We did complain, but was told by the manager their was nothing he could do about anything, he was also very rude! You also can’t swim in the ocean they have areas blocked off for coral reef or their are rocks everywhere, we learned the hard way with a couple new cuts and bruises on our feet and legs.

Room Number:

Room Block:
Building 1

Very nice and helpful shown around the entire hotel

Restaurants and Bars:
Very small portions at the restaurants

Very pretty, hard to find a spot to swim in the ocean without rocks coral reef or garbage

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