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Hey all..Heading to Jamaica in April ..Runaway Bay.. Have heard that Dunn’s River falls is the Most popular tour? Love waterfalls and wondering Wat’s the op pion on these..

by the way I don’t like the cattle type touristy things .. wondering has anyone been here lately?

Sooo maybe it’s not the most popular tour ;D ;D ;D

come on guys someone must have been here

I was there in 2008, took a catamaran from Royal Decameron, it was very touristy as editor says, it was quite a trip up the falls, longer than you think, in the pictures you see on the net it only shows the start, we went up hand in hand , my buddy took a fall, skinned his knee pretty bad, the guides keep shouting at you a lot to keep moving, go this way that way etc. and they are not shy asking for tips at the top and all the way back down, I dunno how much money they think I had tucked in my bathing suit?? Might not be suitable for any one with limited movement, or tto old like me ( 62 ) LOL. That being said , glad I did it. Thay should have a T shirt for old farts that say I made it up Dunn’s falls. Anyway you should experience it. I believe you can get a private tour during off hours but not sure, you should ask that on here
Have a ball, Jemik

private tour sounds good… like I said earlier I dont like the cattle type touristy things but wud really like to climb the falls… someone in our group has a bum knee so I dont thiink wud be suitable for them Dont want any hollerin while on vac ;D ;D

thanks for info

[glow=red,2,300]38 days ;D[/glow]

Hi nibabus Thanks so much for that schedule and dont worry I will avoid those times

Oh and have a great trip Mon

Hey BigRed – are you going to do that night time snorkelling thing I’ve read about that is in Jamaica?
Hey BigRed – are you going to do that night time snorkelling thing I’ve read about that is in Jamaica?

Egads LOL lucky if I snorkel in day I love the water, but dont like the fishys touchin me ;D wudnt think I grew up on and in the ocean all summer ;D

I havent heard of an excursion for such but will check it out.. few in my group are real dare devils…

Just did the falls last Wednessday….defn a cattle type thing. 3 human chains of people heading up the falls at the same time, probably about 200 people. Not much time to stop and enjoy the view, and defn not for anyone with a bum knee.

BUT…it was still a pretty cool experience and glad that I can say I did it….

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