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Eden Bay Nudist Resort  

Puerto Plata, Abreu, Cabrera, República Dominicana

"not my cup of tea"
Posted by: bradley on Oct 16, 2014
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Not my cup of tea, wouldn’t have gone there if I had other options in mind but it wasn’t totally a loss for me, it was good but not what I wanted. The resort looks well dated but it was clean, it is an average hotel that requires some upgrading into some modern features. The resort was very good in arranging all the entertainment and shows all day long just to keep the customers merry and happy. Let me not lie, the hotel is great but is in need of some major TLC just to sharpen the rough edges and if you can look past them, you won’t have any problem. Some of the people I met there were repeat customers who obviously had reason to come back so it is not so bad. Most of the rooms or at least my room had an ocean view which seemed beautiful but I guess because I didn’t like the place, it wasn’t just flowing for me. There are lots of activities for you to engage in especially volleyball which I’m good at and took part in some of them. They have internet connection but it is very slow and may end up frustrating you instead of making life better for you. You should get a room in one of the first three villas here; it’s a tip that you will thank me for later. Most of the time, they were short on food and drinks, it was really frustrating for me.

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