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  Fun Tropicale/Fun Royale – Playa Dorada   Shauna and Deb ~ Ontario, Canada

January 2008 Arrival – Arrived a little late to the airport and recieved a special van straight to the resort which was kinda cool (we where going to get a cab)same thing just free lol. Front staff were nice, on dominican time, room was delayed at checkin waited about an hour but we didnt care we were in paradise. Rooms – They were ok a little disappointed thought we were going to get a room with a terrace or balcony. we did not have either. basic hair dryer and fridge Restaurants – calypso-buffet stlye. food was hit and miss each day was not the strong point of the hotel but we did not starve. breakfast was great popeyes pizza was really good miranda’s rest. brazilian was fantastic served like a king and queen and lots of great food Bars – not big drinkers but deb enjoyed the strawberry colada. was cool to see a 24hr bar Beach and Pools – pool-i liked the fact that there was 3 pools one for the kids one for the adults and one for everyone. clean and lots of fun BEACH- dirty was not seen there very often beach bar was really good burgers fries and chicken hotdogs. go for a long walk and the beach gets better.Grounds – PEACOCKS PEACOCKS PEACOCKS everywhere lol was a nice touch to a beautiful resort. always kept clean and tidy Activities – One word for the animation team!!!! AWESOME!!! hilarious (ok two words lol) SHAGGY,SEXY BELLY,SPAGHETTI,AND MACHO MACHO ANDRES. keep up the great work you do made my 8 yr old feel special thanks for signing her book. lots of games to participate in and the night time shows were entertaining Tours – Monster Truck Safari was ok lost a 1/4 of our trip cus of a brake falling off the truck going up hill made it half way and had to come back down.Conclusion – We had a fantastic time and would go back in a heartbeat. resort is great for the kids. always FUN in the air. cant wait till next year
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  Fun Tropicale/Fun Royale – Playa Dorada   Connie ~ Canada

January 2008 Jan 3rd for one week.It was a great holiday lots of kids our kids had a blast and they are 12 and 15 Rooms – our rooms were clean but could use an up date . The hotel is one of the first ones built so it could use a little TLC but it was clean and nice. The rooms are a little loud. Restaurants – The restraunts were good we all enjoyed the food plenty for the kids to choose from. I suggest yogurt eveyday to help with a wobboly tummy.Bars – The bars were good . They really need to stick with the yellow wrist band no drink thing because even our 12 year old could get rum if she never specified no rum which is not cool. I really loved the fact that the 24 hour bar was far away from all the rooms.Beach and Pools – the beach is nothing specail but it was also rainny and rough when we were there. Soussa is definatly worth the cab ride great beach.I really didn’t like the peddlers on the beach they got a little annoying exspecailly when you are there for a holiday .Grounds – IT is beautiful all of it . Playa Dorado is definatly the place to stay. lots to do lots to see and we felt very safe. we meet a lot of great people. It was a blast.Activities – Activities were good the girl dancers could have been friendlier with the kids though .Tours – amazing the out back safari is awsome if you are going bring some school supplies for the kids . Boggie boarding was great fun . Awsome guids at all the tours . was great the shark sting ray encounter was great a great deal . The food there was awsome .Conclusion – I would definatly go back . Next time maybe a 4 star or more. but the hotel was great for what we paid. and really all you do is sleep in the room and you don’t do much of that so , it was good exspecailly for kids and families. A great starter vacation.
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  Fun Tropicale/Fun Royale – Playa Dorada   JKM

January 2008 Just got back from a two week stay on Jan 3rd. Overall it was a fairly good holdiay. The hotel is old but reasonably clean. A criticism I have is the discrepancy in what different guests get in their rooms such as a suite oppossed to just a bedroom, a fridge, (w e never had one) location of rooms etc. We found the staff generally very accomadating. I had seen a critique before we went slamming a bar tender named Hector. Well we found Hector and Carlo at the adult pool bar to be terrific and very entertaining. The food was plain but lots of variety and good. I was not fussy about the beer (taste) but the rum was ok. We found the VIP people very annoying and pushy. I have never seen so many vendors anywhere else we have been. On the beach, everywhere when you took a tour and all selling the same junk. We were very disappointed in the half day city tour which was to include a tour of the Brugal Rum Factory which was closed when we got there and everyone was just herded through the store to buy rum. Tour guide said he didn’t know it was closed until we got there. I called bullshit. One major annoyance , and it was not the fault of the resort, was some guests from England. I hope they read this as they will be able to Identify themselves, not that it would make any difference to them I am sure. There was a family of what appeared to be three brothers, their parents and the wives and children of the three brothers. All the other English guests said they were Gypsies. I could not believe how rude and insolent they were, especially two of the wives and all of the children. They would go up to the bar and scream and whistle at the bar tenders who were serving others demanding service. We observed an eleven or twelve year old son of one of them, teaching his 4 to 5 year old cousin how to get service by screaming at the bar tender. I could not believe that this class of people existed We liked the fact this is a reasonably small resort and there was never a line up to get chairs around the pools or in the buffet. We enjoy walking so did not at all mind the short walk to the beach and around the Dorada complex and to the Plaza. We did have a problem with insect bites and in fact had to seek medical attention. They were a tiny unseen almost insect that some people were simply allergic too and raised extremely itchy welts. The medical attention we received at the Medical Clinic in the Plaza was absolutley fantastic. We would consider going here again and taking grandchildren but I would insist on better accomadation upon arrival.
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Fun Tropicale/Fun Royale – Playa Dorada Kyle

December 2007 1. Our room was crap. Infested with ants and went home with a sort of skin rash from beds. Fridge was rarely restocked, sheets rarely changed, bathroom toilet paper and towels never replaced. We had to find the linen closets to get our own stuff. Poor. 2. Food was amazing. The a la carte dinners were like nothing else. Very high class food. Waiters were excellent and very accommodating. 3. Front desk is horrible at delegating duties. You have to call 5 times to get anything done. 4. Daytime bar staff are very slimy. Expect them to try to be all over you GF or wife. Night time Bar staff are very cool. 5. Closest beach is not worth going to. It sucks. Take the trip into Sosua and use that public beach it is very nice. 6. Not a resort to go to if you want to relax or get refreshed. Music is very loud all the time. You can hear it in you rooms loud and clear from 9 – 9. I guess maybe we were supposed to be outside in the sun, but being hung-over will do that to you. 7. Finally, for all the crap we had to deal with, we probably lost a good 2 days off of our stay trying to get service. And we can speak Spanish.
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Fun Tropicale/Fun Royale – Playa Dorada Steve & Lynda

October 2007 We Stayed there September 17th for two weeks, I want to be as fair as I can so I might seem quite harsh at times but will try to balabce it with some good things. Resort: Well the accommodation was a bit archaic and shabby but generally clean, the air conditioning played up (not buttons or knobs to adjust it either) but to be fair the resort did its best to sort it out. I didn’t appreciate being constantly harrassed by the room cleaner for a tip. I was planning on leaving something before I left but after one too many times of her following me towards my room telling me she was going on vacation (which she didn’t, well there is a suprise!), I just left a bit of change, her loss cause I normally tip well. The ‘time share’ people (VIP on thier tshirts) were a pain in the arse with thier hard sell. They sit at a strategic point on the resort meaning every time you want to get something to eat you get harrassed by them. In the end I had to be a bit rude and asked them to leave it out! They were even down the beach and even approached you while eating your food and while on the transport to and from the beach! Be careful on the beach, there are rocks/reefs that are difficult to see (water was cloudy not crystal clear like you imagine), no good for snorkelling, there was no room to swim really but the water was warm. On the beach you get people walking up and down trying to sell thier wares I had no problem with this and to be honest they were quite friendly, just say no thanks and they go on thier way (unlike the VIP lot) or if you fancy something be prepared to bargain hard. My wife and I renewed our vows and it was well worth it, thanks to Nicholas the guest services manager. Word of warning though if you have a photographer this is how it works, for £25 you get 14 photos, sounds good so far, you get photos taken of the ceremony and then you head off down to the beach for some more. Ok here is the catch….you can only pick 14 photos from the ceremony at the resort, if you want beach photos you have to buy the complete package at £220 + 16% tax and the same for the video. If it hadn’t been for a friend using my camera at the beach I would have been heart broken and a special day ruined by underhanded selling. The pools were really good and in particular the adult pool was good. The entertainment was ok, I am a bit reluctant to critique the entertainment because I thought they put a lot of effort into it. The staff and people in general were good and the onsite italian restruant was superb. The all inclusive got a bit boring at times but was generally ok. There were a few people suggesting that the food gave them a stomach upset but to be honest most of them were suffering with heatstroke and I think it was unfair to blame the food. Overall:
Well in general it was great weather, beach was disappointing, Renewal of our vows was great bar the photographer, Got a bit fed up with having to watch wether I was being ripped off, I didn’t find it as relaxing as I had hoped for due to the consistant harrassment mainly on the resort itself. Both my wife and I agree that we wouldn’t probably go again as it didn’t really meet our needs to relax and chill. Finally I do understand that the country is quite poor and that tourists are money, however I believe that the drive to take tourists for all they have is short sighted. I do wish the country well with its future and growth though.
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Fun Tropicale/Fun Royale – Playa Dorada Cathy

July 2007 After a much anticipated vacation my daughter and i were disappointed in our hotel booking at the fun tropical/fun royale. The travel brochure seemed to imply that you are staying at two separate hotels with the use at both places. In fact it is only one hotel, with the amenities spread between two areas. family pool– lots of chairs, although not enough umbrellas or in the shade. adult pool -adjacent to the cafeteria-quite and very relaxing with a bar close by children’s pool and play are located on the far side of the complex. although we had no need for this, it did look inviting and had various activities for the children. entertainment- be prepared to be approached by staff numerous times for you bingo card. You had to purchase these separately for your daily bingo fix, however you were constantly being approached by staff to purchase your card from one individual only. It soon became bothersome. not very appealing/perhaps we were not age appropriate or just tired. cafeteria. no swim suits prepared to be asked to leave immediately if only attired in bathing suit. . At first i thought this was only directed at the teens but soon realized it was for all ages. however, the adult pool is right beside the cafeteria so remember to always have your beach cover up with you. Food- limited choice of main dishes, and the presentation was poor. The food may have been good but it was not presented very well. Italian restaurant- we had made reservations but were lost in the translation. However the hostess went to extreme lengths to prepare a table for two, apppologizing for the misunderstanding. Excellent dinner, and amazing staff.never have i enjoyed a fish dinner more( i am trying to get the recipe). Rooms-clean and basic-old furniture but was clean. No chain lock on the door nor on the adjoining room. I was not comfortable with only the key lock in the door and put a chair in front the both doors at night. Entertainment_ we were too tired to attend as the shows started for the adults late in the evening. when we arrived there was pool aerobics, however after that the did not seem to be any activities that were organized,and were disappointed. They did have a soccer staff soccer match, but women were not allowed to play. I find this somewhat chauvinistic, as in Canada many women are enjoying playing both soccer and rugby. This activity should be for all to play….no matter the skill level. Beach-not very clean compared to other beaches along the way. Poor location, and would not feel safe at night in the area.People leaving their garbage on the beach-disgusting. Plenty of chairs and shade. Beach restaurant- excellent chicken/hot dogs/hamburgers/plenty to drink/ and alcohol was not pushed (a pleasant surprised) transportation- . Although it is only a short 7 minute walk from the hotel to the beach, there is transportation to the beach every 10 minutes. However, 10 minutes is not by the clock. Horse and buggy- these were everywhere in the compound.We did take one to the orange market which is located at the far end of the compound. However, after looking more closely at the poor condition of the horse, we chose not to use and abuse them further. We actually thought one was going to drop dead on the road as the poor horse was swaying and was in extremely poor health.
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Fun Tropicale/Fun Royale – Playa Dorada Glenna and Al

July 2007 We just returned from a week at the Fun Tropicale. As vacation club members we stayed in one of the condo units. We initially had a 2 bedroom…..but had a very noisy air conditioner outside our unit (too noisy for us country folk). The resort was very good about moving us to another unit…much quieter! We arrived later in the afternoon and spent the first evening exploring the grounds. We attended the orientation meeting, led by Shirley, the following morning. She was a wealth of information and provided suggestions for our excursions into town. She also had great stories of the DR. I had heard she was a great host. She truly was. with a great presentation of the island. Having traveled a bit, and utilizing all inclusives at other resorts, we found the meals to be good, with a nice variety. Breakfast was good, with a eggs made to order, fresh fruit and pastries. Only complaint? The coffee was way to strong for our taste. We spent our mornings at the beach. As club members we had a towel service and beverages served to us by Paul. The lunches at the beach club were very good. It was nice sitting and looking out at the water. The vendor’s on the beach were friendly but not overly aggressive. We did all of our shopping sitting on our lounge chairs and found no need to go to the flea market. We are familiar with bagainning and the going prices for different items and found we got most items for 1/2 of the vendor’s initial asking price.We spent our afternoons at the adults only pool. A feature we really appreciated. However, it was disappointing how guest littered the area with cups and straws. The staff seemed not to concerned and could have done a better job of keeping it picked up. The general pool was always a flurry activities that were family friendly. It was evident that the activities staff worked hard at getting to know the guests, and encouraging them to join in events. Never, a wait at the bar to get a drink…unlike other resorts we have been to. Dinner’s were themed each night and for the most part good. We always found something we enjoyed. We had dinner at both specialty resturants and enjoyed both. The Brazilian was a unique dining experience, the wait staff friendly and fun. The italian was a bit more formal, the food was good and it was air conditioned. Unfortunately I can’t say much about the entertainment (we couldn’t seem to stay awake long enough to enjoy them. However, the bits of shows we did see…..were fun, creative, and the staff looked to be having fun with it! If you want name brand drinks, bring your own. All Booze was low end Dominican. Also, although they have a bar or two at each pool and beach, there is not an inside bar to relax at. Something we would of liked and have had at all of the other resorts we have stayed before. If you are a member with a condo, do the all inclusive for $40 each a night. I could not imagine trying to go shopping for food and eating out(24% tax). I did not see anyone at the resort all week that did not take advantage of the all inclusive option. We had lots of fun with new friends from the US (Tiffany and Kenny) and the UK ( Pam and Frank). It was interesting to watch the different people all week. All types, ages and sizes. All having FUN!!!! Keep your expectations in check and have Fun with it all. Most all did.
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