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Hello,Can anyone tell me whose stayed here if it is really worth $200+ to upgrade from the villa to the hotel rooms. Are the villas really that bad? Are there particular rooms that have better views? Thanks in advance!
Hey grassrootsgirl,

My review of the Gamboa is here at Debbie’s and is written by "A Canadian Couple"…if you check out the resort’s reviews, you will be able to find it. When you read it, you will see that we loved being in the villas, but I would only stay on the top floor. There is no view to speak of from any of them. The hotel rooms face the Chagres River, which would be nice. But, honestly, we enjoyed the view from the Monkey Bar and the veranda outside the buffet restaurant anyway and that was enough.

When are you going? I am jealous!


Thanks Northgal – We have decided on the Gamboa and are going for one week on Dec. 4th. I think we will just stick with the villas . . . I’ve read a lot of bad things about them, but I saw pictures and they look fine to me.A couple more questions – are there a lot of trails on the resort? How long are they? Can you walk to pipeline road from the Gamboa? I’ve heard there is a nocturnal tour – do you know how much this is?


Grassrootsgirls,Here is our review with over 300 pic’s. We saw both the rooms and the Villas… we stayed at the Gamboa, in the Villas for 2 weeks and loved it. But again, it all depends on what you like…… The Villas are not as classy as the rooms, but we really liked the atmosphere…. We’re right now looking at going back in January/February 07.We took the nite run that goes around the property and enjoyed it….. don’t believe there was a cost…

Thanks ponder, your pictures look wonderful; I can’t wait! You wouldn’t happen to have any other pics of the villas would you? They look pretty nice, the only downside is no balcony, oh well. We’ve stayed in a lot worse, that’s for sure! Would you recommend taking the Panama City tour or, we were thinking of just getting the local bus in and doing it ourselves (much cheaper). Is the Embera tour worth it? Thanks so much!

I have a couple more questions for you. Are there particular villa rooms/block that you would recommend I ask for or are they all pretty much the same? Also, regarding Playa Bonita, I’ve heard this is their sister resort – do they let you go there for the day to use the beach? Is there a cost? And one more, how far is Anton Valley? We were thinking of renting a car and going there. Did you do the canopy tour there? Thanks so much! (sorry for all the questions)

Grassroot,As far as were concern, all the Villas appear to be the same. If you’re lucky, the monkeys will be in the trees just outside your bedroom window, tomorow they may be outside someone else’s. Don’t think you’ll be in the Villas much… too much to do and see. And there’s always all the balconies, outside the main resort’s bar and restaurant, they overlook the Chagres river, and on a full moon WOW!!!Don’t know what you like, but as per our review and pic’s, last year we went to SanBlas, via Maria from Arians Travel (the resort should be able to reach for you, she’s worth evry penny). We enjoyed the Panama City tour, as your guide will give you a lot of info you may not get any other way. We also enjoyed the Emberas (make sure it’s the real village, not the make believe on the resort property).Playa Bonita: at the time we were at Gamboa, you couldn’t go to Playa Bonita at all. Mind you, we sneaked our way in and actually met a couple from home who were nice enough to show us around and get our drinks at the bar.Anton: If I recall is about 2 to 2 1/2 hrs from Gamboa, but the scenery is worth it….Didn’t do the Canopy tour…

Forgot to mention……. WE SHOULD BE BOOKING THIS PM (sorry for shouting) just so darn glad….. we should be there from Feb 5-19!!!

Congrats! It must be good if you’re going back. Thanks for all the info. I have one last little question for you – regarding the upgrade to the hotel rooms – do you know if all of the main building rooms are facing the river, or are there ones on the other side?

We like to sneak into resorts on occasion as well:) Thanks again!

Not 100%, but believe they all have a balcony facing the Chagres River

We are finally booked!!!! When are you going? Did I read Dec somewhere?

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