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One of the best hotels with a German style decoration and beautifully situated might I add. The place or better still, the rooms are spacious, comfortable and quiet. The buffet was great as usually because I believe Cubans know how to serve great buffet to their guests. The rooms are well equipped with European standard features, air condition and every other thing was well within working condition. The bathroom is pretty descent and very clean with clean shower and hot water supply. The staff made is more comfortable as they were easy to talk to with all the smiles and pleasantness that followed every conversation just made communication way easier. The surrounding of this very hotel is something else, the gardens are very well placed and beautiful as well. I arrived at this hotel late in the evening and check in was pretty fast and I was immediately taken to my room. Immediately I got in, I checked the bathroom for hot water and they had so that was the most important for me. The rooms are clean and the beds also comfortable. The hotel is nothing special, I would say it is basic but descent, it’s not luxurious if you ask me but it’s great. With the quality food and variety of options to choose from with great staff and hotel management, I recommend it to anybody interested. I was here in January and spent about one week and loved every day of my stay here. It’s also not expensive, so if you are on a budget, you can choose here.

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