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Went to Playa Pesquero recently…..I found the hotel to be of a friendly nature…specially if you wore designer labels…care with jejen, take your own insecticide and you might be ok. The food is of 3* standard….don’t expect an english breakfast, but they will fry your eggs, which are nice! The Buffet is of the same offerings every night, but they do vary the meat selection which is very good sometimes. Restaurants….didn’t make La Gondola due to hangover…but, The Romantica is very good, take a torch to read the menu…. The Grill is also good. The seafood restaurant is also good, had excellent lobster there, and is also good for the lunches. The Asiatic, if you like your dinner drawn out over 3 hours then you’ll like this, but i didn’t go a bundle on the lamb curry, but others rated it on the whole. The Trattoria, brill pizza and hub loved the playa pesquero burger, the pasta was good too. Can’t say I had a problem with food poisoning, also i think too much drinking can give many people problems (As I discovered). The pool is ace (specially at 5 in the morning) the staff always laugh and say Hola… The beach…very nice long sweep of white sand, nice for romantic walks…after two weeks…becomes a boring routine. The Beer Garden was my fave. On the whole….Playa Pesquero is a very beautiful well maintained hotel. The staff are great and you will for sure meet great people, but, you will be bored by the 10th day. Oh and forget putting do not disturb on your door.

Welcome To Hell!!!

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