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I think I should start from how wonderful the rooms were, I can’t really remember what floor I was stationed but I think it was the 7th floor but it was great all the same and it had a nice view, everything in the room was within standard, functional and clean, the housekeeping service did their job very well. The bed was soft and so was the pillow, bathroom was functional and everything like I said about the room was great. Immediately after check in, the bed was already made when I got in, arranged well and the towel was designed in a fine art way, it was lovely. I only had problem with the room when I came to sugar ants, they were everywhere especially if there was food in the room so I did my best to make sure nothing called food was left in the room. The snack bar needs an upgrade but they still did well, the restaurants there where all nice and had great staff members as well. The problem I had with food here was that it took forever for your order to be ready almost like they had to run to the grocery store first before preparing the food after you have made the order. I think the staff should be more agile so that people don’t die of hunger before the food is served. The staff working at this resort is all nice people though despite that particular weakness at the restaurant side.

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