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Yup, have been back from Costa Rica a mere 5 months and we’re starting to make plans again. I think it was Llano des Cortes that got me really hooked. Although it is also 33c here today (same as Liberia) we don’t have a cool refreshing waterfall in our neighborhood so we must go back. Sigh, I think my hubby and I need to go to CR Anonymous.We are sick of the AI deal though. Anyone have any recommendations?

Recommendations….., that’s a hard one. Without going on a package, the flight alone is a fair amount. Rumrunner and I have reserched this a while back, but I’ll have another look. If you can get a cheap flight down, El Velero on the beach is an option.

Quick search on Uniglobe’s website:Sunwing. 629.53 + 198.00Sky Service. 804.13 + 193.00Air Canada. 969.03 + 196.00Flight only, and direct. Begining of December.

Last year and the year before it was that much for a flight with up to 2 connections. (Yuck :P)

That’s not good especially since we’d still have to get to Toronto from Winnipeg. One of the websites has a week at the Tamarindo Daria for $4K (two people). It only includes breakfast so at least we’d get some variety. Only problem is, we weren’t that crazy about Tamarindo. The beach was good but a bit crowded overall.
We’re also considering Nicaragua again although it’s the same problem with airfare being high.

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