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We arrived at 2:30AM 3 hours late and it was empty around the reception, but a person did arrive and got us sorted out before 3AM. Air Transats fault fpr late arrival.

Rooms: rooms was really nice, clean but did smell of cigar smoke, even though they said it was a non smoking room and there were smoke detectors there, at least they looked like smoke detectors. BUT there were ashtrays in the bathroom and and sitting area of the room and of course on the balcony. The rooms were dimly lit so if your reading in bed forget it. the fridge was stocked dailly, and there was lots of bottled water. There was a working safe but who knows how many have the master code to open it. Linens seemed clean, you had to request to get your room done early or else it won’t get down untill the afternoon. But big deal we left in the morning after breakfast to the beach and pool and didnt come back until 4 in the afternoon. Bathrooms at the beach rest. were clean and sep. rooms for toilets.

Restaurants and Bars: the bars were okay,pool bar you had to tip or when you went back you were the last served.Main lobby bar was okay, the girls serving were slow, but they were busy just to big an area for them. The main buffet was good, lots of selection nothing outstanding but it was good and all of us were stuffed when we left after each meal. waiters were good.

the specialty rest. don pablo- was good, if you a big eater though at trip to the buffet after is called for. the steak house-big dissappointment, beef was raw, they didnt do anything about it just took it away and never saw them again, waiters were not pleasant, you had to beg for wine or drinks. The japanese- they tried, food was okay, they crammed people in the U shaped table you could barely eat, but the waiters tried there best. The Meditaranian place- another disappointment, but they tried. I was full when I left, the food was okay, everything there was at the buffet only it was a little fancier. I am not a picky eater or a food critic by any means, all the rest. were really good,(except steakhouse) you were full when you left, the rest. was clean, the waiters tried there best.

Beach was nice, although disappearing fast. We had a little hut all the time and there were usually availlable to around 9am every morning. Smokers were ignorant, I did smoke when I was there and I USED the pot they had under every hut, by every walkway, all over. So why do 80% just butt out in the sand or on the walkway, how stupid is that, especially when you see them walking on the beach smoking and they flick it in the ocean, just fraking ignorant. The grounds were beautiful, well kept always being cleaned and maintained.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We didnt go off the resort, you had to looked for any activities were we were, you did hear by the pool at around 4 for excercise, but I really wasnt looking. In the evening at the Ambar they had a organist,singer, Saxiphone player it was okay, but thatwas it. You had to go to the Main Bahia are for anything, and as good as those little busses are they were never around or full. The walking was okay and well lit though.

Other Comments:
My wife and I were at the main Bahai area last year and this time at the Ambar, we usually go to Puerta Plata area though (Playa Dorado) 12 times. For us this place is really nice, but not for the price you pay. We can go to just as nice places for a lot less.

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