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Fortunately this was not my first time to PV. Had it been I would not be going back again any time soon if ever. The hotel is truly new and modern looking however I still can’t get over the service. It felt as if the staff was a crew of bratty kids who didn’t want to be there and were bothered/irritated any time you approached them with a question. The only people willing to help were the time share reps who were dressed very similar to the staff, very annoying.

Your Arrival:
January 25, 2010

Decent and clean. However,always short on towels because they ran out. Not sure if someone called in sick but I don’t believe its asking to much to have three towels for the three guests staying in the room?

Restaurants and Bars:
Food was not good and again the service was just awful. I can understand if we were harassing the hell out of the staff wanting our 10th glass of wine but only asking for our second glass to finish up dinner, major inconvenience it appeared by the attitude of the waitstaff. Ultimately we went into town for great food and great service/attitudes.

This part Marival does have right. Great pools, great beach access. However, if you wanted a beverage from the swim up bar be prepared to be greeted by an annoyed bartender. It was reassuring to see they were irritated with all the patrons.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Didn’t experience comment

Other Comments:
Ultimately I am still dumb founded by the attitude of the staff. It truly did effect our vacation. I’ve stayed at 5 star hotels and 2 star hotels and I would go back to a 2 star all day before I would go back to Marival. As much as I tried to focus on the fact that I went for sand and sun it was hard to look the other way each time an annoyed staff member walked by you or rolled their eyes. I don’t believe asking for the basics is being a pushy guest but that was the feel of this hotel. Strongly suggest going somewhere else or stay home rather then waste money at Marival. One last thing, considering we had an all inclusive package they consistently tried to charge you a $5 service charge for anything they could. Terrible!

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