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My husband and I traveled to the Grand Mayan Resort in may, 2015 for a week’s vacation. We were asked to attend a breakfast the next morning, "to acquaint us with the property". Unfortunately we said "yes." We had no intention of buying a Timeshare and made that perfectly clear To VIDA. From 9:15 A.M. to 5:00P.M., the VIDA representatives were twisting our arms to buy into a Private Residence Club,which the representatives assured us was different than a timeshare. Indeed, it was just another name for a Timeshare The information we received was confusing and misleading. We purchased into the Bliss Resort, thinking our condo would be located at the Grand Mayan near the Water Park and Beach. The contract we signed stated we were buying property in Puerto Vallarta. The representative assured us we were buying into the VIDA family, claiming that we could use any Bliss Property. Well, some of the properties had not been built yet, or were in the process of being built. We were pressured for 8 hours. Every time we attempted to leave the table, one of 5 individuals (four at one time at one point) would offer us another week for free or almost free. We eventually signed to purchase. Once we returned home and were able to research the company, we found that we bought into a TimeShare which was basically worthless. Within two weeks, we were ready to cancel the contract, but the 5 day "grace period" had expired. We began researching our options to cancel the contract. Both my husband and I were questioning our decision making by then,and were afraid of making a poor choice in selecting an attorney to represent us in Mexico. I interviewed a number of attorneys both in the States and in Mexico. We surveyed blogs and web sites and read dozens of stories about people who like us, were sold a bag of lies and misrepresentations. Mexican Timeshare Solutions located in Mexico was chosen to represent us. We had many questions. How many cases had they lost? How long does this process take? AND–do we only pay when our contract is cancelled? They answered every question. We took a leap of faith and crossed our fingers. Our representative was Ricardo Lasko. We promptly cancelled our credit card and made a complaint against VIDA for fraud. Our credit card was reimbursed the downpayment we made to VIDA. I was very afraid this would effect our credit. It didn’t. In september, we received a short letter from VIDA, stating our contract was cancelled. We followed up the next day with VIDA Customer Service and they confirmed that the contract was cancelled and we owed them nothing. Several days later, we received an email from MTS with a request for payment for their

services, as per their contract with us. We gladly paid for

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