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We were very unhappy with our stay in April 2010 in the Mayan Suites in White Sands. We had red ants in the room every night and 6 times housekeeping came to fumigate. Only the last time did they clean up the dead ant bodies. Each time we were stuck in the room waiting for them to finish between 1-2 hours, the last night we missed dinner due to this. Each person we tried to talk to advised us they did not understand or speak english. If you are charging the rates you charge and claim to be a 4 or 5* hotel your front staff must speak english. We stayed at the Bahia Principe Akumal in March 2009 and were very impressed by the service and food. Also the pathway to our suite was long and winding quite and every night we walked in the dark which is very unsafe, we complained 5 times and twice they turned the lights on for 1 hour. Each nights the light would go out at 10 or 11 pm, this is unacceptable. The service is terible as far as response etc, and mostly because everyone claims to not understand us. We were with a big group as part of a wedding and all thought it was the worst resort we have been to as far as food and service. When I advised the front manager Fernanda of the terrible food she suggested we all eat at Colonial. Why when we paid more to stay at the White Sands??
On the last night when we were waiting a grand total of 2 hours to have them fumigate the ‘large red ants’ that seemed to live in our room we finally got to talk to some sort of a superviser who said when we asked for compensation, that he would check the records to see if we actually had problems, (like anyone keeps records there, I asked each time if they were documenting it and they replied no english) and then said talk to someone the next morning at checkout. When we went to talk to the manager she wasn’t there and the same superviser advised we have to go online and lodge a complaint and they will review it (yeah right!). Anyway, we are not picky people or picky eaters, it’s just bad here. It is a beautiful resort but the worst food/service of 12 I’ve been to. I wanted to let any potential travellers out there know that so you know what’s going on.

Your Arrival:
Quick and simple

Spacious, not very clean, red ants and spiders constantly. Not good service as everyone you deal with claims not to speak english, you have to push to get a manager to talk to and they claim everyone speaks english, not so.

Restaurants and Bars:
Brazilian was good food and service, the other al a carte’s leave much to be desired. Buffet good for breakfast, not so good for the rest of the meals. The Front Desk manager at the White Sands advised we eat at Colonial buffet as "it has better food"?!

Awesome, clean and beautiful. The tall bridges made it very difficult when the rain was puring…it’s the only way to get anywhere. Compared to Gran Bahia Principe Akumal which is also large but simpler transportation, much more difficult to get around by trolley at White Sands as they only run in certain areas.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Cozumel and Playa del Carmen are always a good time, lots to do and see.

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