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There is no way you can have any complaints about this very resort, it is the best of the best, the best I have been to so far in all my Mexican travels and I am so glad I found here, it was a great pleasure to have had the opportunity of hanging out at this resort, will surely be back here again. The resort is gigantic first of all when it comes to size so there is no managing of space or anything like that. It was a solo vacation of just my humble me and I had mad fun here, shout out to all the new friends I made while visiting this resort. The room I had I think it was a suite, it wasn’t that expensive, it had it’s own bedroom and all that stuff, it was magnificent. You could see wild life all around you, it’s the perfect vacation spot and I don’t care what other people think of this place. The service rendered through the effort of the very lovely staff members was efficient and superb, you will definitely get the best service and attention here, at least I did. The food here so great, I was impressed at the magnitude of the portion especially at the buffet with lots of options to choose from the dishes that were present. The beach is great as well as the pool, perfect temperature at all times to take a dip. I enjoyed my stay, looking forward to the next visit.

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