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Be careful when using the archery, equipment is faulty, no protection for the arm, arrows are broken. Complain with mangement since faulty equipment is dangerous. Also, they let you shoot only eight arrows and then the instroctor wants to relax and stop working. Fitness instructor sometimes is too tired to teach zumba. Complain with management.

Tennis instructor is supposed to teach but he wants a 25 dollar tip in advance. Beware do not give a tip and report him to management. He is alreay paid to teach, not to ask for a tip before he even moves. Report him to the chief of animation.

Your Arrival:
Very good and quick.

Very nice

Restaurants and Bars: Beware of long lines at dinner. Either be there at 5.50 pm or expect to wait until 8.8.30 to have dinner.

Lamb in Brazilian restaurant was quite bad.


Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
See above, lots of problems with instructors and equipment.

Other Comments:
I really did not like the fact that archery equipment was faulty and that the tennis instroctor asks for tips. If it happens to you please report him to the chief of animation.

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