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This is a nice place if you dont get the tourista and expect to get some rest. The food is good,so is the beach and pool,but not much of a nightlife if you are a nigh owl like myself. Its pretty much a self service place,dont expect much service there,you always have to get your won stuff if you want something,get your own forks,towels,toilet paper,juice etc… The workers dont seem very happy to work there,not like the other resorts i have been to . There is some activities and stuff to do on the resort but everything closes pretty early,lacking in the women department if you ask me,everyone is either there with their husband or boyfriend.

I wish the pools were open after 6 pm and we didnt all get sick with tourista (all 4 of us ) 5 days out of 7 . (we did put alot of mileage on those toilets lol )

Your Arrival:
That was pretty good,we got our laugage pretty fast,the plane ride was very hectic,lots of turbulance and high drops.We got in the bus pretty quick, the A/C was working great,took about 30 minutes to get to the hotel and 10 minutes to get our room.Nothing to complain there.

Rooms: Very ordinary room for a 4 stars,it was clean but nothing special.The A/C wasnt working,took almost a miracle to get a new room.they said they were gonna send the tech.he came like 1 and half hour later but didnt fix much.After calling many times and showing up at the front desk,talking to the manager who only spoke spanish,we finally got a new room with working A/C after elevating my tone and not leaving the counter for nearly an hour.

The TV didnt work in the new room,they finally fixed it 3 days later.The room was decent and clean but not luxurious at all.

Restaurants and Bars: The buffet was really good,lacking A/C tough,if you work for a ventilation company,you will make millions replacing all the units there lol. Great food,lots of variety,not much of the expensive stuff tough,you wont find filet mignon,fib steak,ribs or shrimps there. Great fresh fruits,lots of fish,they mostly serve pork or chicken,some stuff i have never ate before,great breakfast,why are all the juices so sugary and the coke,7 up so flat? Have the Paela when they make it,its awesome.Great desserts,they really know how to make sweet stuff. The sports bar was awesome,free pool and soccer table with TV.Great way to start the night before going to the discotheque.

Discotheque was nice,not very big but decent,but only opened on the weekend and not very crowded.The dominicans come in on the weekends,so thats the best nights.Most,or should i say 99% of the women are accompanied with their husband or boyfriend and why do they allow people under age? Why do they also allow prostitutes and salesmans on the resort?

Beach/Pools/Grounds: The beach was great,spent my whole vacation in the water when i wasnt in the can lol (tourista).Nothing like the beautiful turquoise ocean to rejuvenate you ! Always sunny and hot and a little brease near the water. The pools were also very nice, but why go to the pool when you got the beach near by ? Lots of free chairs on the beach to lay on.They do have parasailing,banana boat,kind of pricy tough. Kayak is included for free,so is body board,snorkling mask etc…

Not enough women tough.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: There is ping pong tables outisde near the beach,beach volleyball,badminton,darts,water basketball,tennis courts. There is also a show every night, not very long but the weekend shows are very good,lots of dancing.

The weekend is good but its very quiet during the week.

Other Comments: Good luck trying to change your canadian dollars into US . Why are they asking for US dollars ,when their currency is pesos ???? Dont get a craving for doritos, a medium bag is 8$ US ! Lots of extra charges for this and that,and this is not included … No bottled beers,only draft presidente,no brugal rhum either.I wasnt too impressed with the drinks in those small plastic cups,even the pino colada didnt seem right. If you are looking for peace,beach,sun,good food,you will like this place. If you want action at night,hot chicks in bikinis,lots of partying ,you will be dissapointed.

I did have a good vacation,but the damn tourista kind of ruined it for everyone.

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