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Well we had a wonderfull time at the grand paradise bavaro,..only 2 things we didn`t like first there was these people working for the resort trying to get you to go in a meeting to sell you a timeshare,..we`ve been hassled before but never like this…then there was the food it was good but they didn`t have any Bacon for breakfast the whole 2 weeks we were there,..and the food was the same everyday for 2 weeks,..beside that it was awesome,..if I would go again hummmm not sure because I love my Bacon in the morning lol, for the people bugging me I know how to tell them to go away lol

Room Number:
can`t remember

Room Block:

we arrived early so we had to wait for our room,..but after that we were well served by the staff

the rooms were clean ,..the maid always served us great,.we had a great view and everything worked well,..just a few times we heard some noise in the hallway early in the morning,..but thats because they had a 24 hour bar on the resort and lots of younger people were there that week,…

Restaurants and Bars:
bars were awesome we were well served and the staff were nice to us all 2 weeks we were there,….restaurants were good but they had no Bacon for the 2 weeks we were there,..and the food was the same for 2 weeks we were there as well

Beach/pools/Grounds were clean and all was great

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
lots of activities on the resort,….if you like to do lots of sports and exercise,..they had arobic clases in the morning,…volleyball,…pool games for everyone,..etc…

Other Comments:
the only other comment was those people working for the resort bugging you to go to that timeshare meeting ,..that shouln`t be allowed at all we pay to go on a vacation to relax leave us alone,…no means no

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