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Arrival: I will begin by telling you all that I have never written, or even contemplated writing a review for a travel destination. I only do so now because I had read through literally dozens and dozens of negative reviews not only on this hotel but many others. This one is where we just returned from. We are early 40’s and traveled with another couple same age. We paid approx. $900.00 per person to fly there, be shuttled to the resort and bask in the sun for 7 days and I would return tomorrow if possible.

Check in was a piece of cake. Paid a cab from the airport to beat the bus crowd. Had a guided tour of the entire resort by some guy called Roman and looked at our room as well as a suite. We decided to upgrade to the suite with cash. It was easy, and we did it all before the bus crowd lined up for check in. (I recommend it every time) No issues with check in or check out at all.

Rooms: Absolutley nothing wrong with this place??? Yep the lobby and some out building are painted turquoise blue..Ummmmm so what! Our room was a suite. Was not musty or dirty. It was clean and one of the nicer rooms at any resort I have been. Modern and very large. Hot water went down for about 16 hours during our week causing a frantic uproar among the older population. WHO CARES??? They fixed it as they said they would do! Jump in the ocean and have an extra few rum and call it an experience. Have a dominican splash bath in the tub to get the good parts ready to go and have some fun!!! A nice deck off the room to either smoke or play cards at night. Dry some clothes etc. We used it alot as our rooms were next to each other.

Lots of good American shows on TV to choose from as well but why bother?

Restaurants and Bars: Very simply….Beef; Chicken; Fish; Pasta…Everything you would cook at home but add to it amazing beans and rice and vegetables with decent spice. Desserts…ice cream..etc. etc. To complain of the food here is to be over 70 and nothing else to do but complain about everything. Trust me on this…we were not sick physically and definitely not sick of the food…NO ISSUES

We liked the food.

Beach was great…Nobody lurked in the trees waiting to run off with our towels. The vendors are just that…If you wanna buy, talk to them, otherwise be polite and let them know you are not interested. They get it better than you will read here! Same as timeshare people. They are there but they do not block your sun as you enjoy the beach. If you want a timeshare go for it, otherwise it’s really quite simple. Pool was good too…Always clean,..I get up very early and walk everywhere with coffee so I see the chlorine and vac being done. Swim up bar is in the shade most of the time so it can be a little cool over there. So don’t go? It’s made of poured concrete so I must think that relocating it to accomodate Edith and Cecil on there week vacation is likely not an option. There are never line ups at the bars. If you tip as I do, there is never a line up anywhere. Grass areas and trees are always being trimmed. Coconuts are harvested daily from different trees throughout the resort.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: Animation staff are over the top at every resort you go to. They are paid to be this way! This place is not an exception Get involved, or don’t? It’s your holiday. Some of the activities around the pool were ok and got young and old and english and french to mingle a bit. We did it a couple days to pass the time while our wives were on the beach. (The beach is very safe) Did a tour of Caberete (for a price)….Awesome place…Did a shopping morning in Puerta Plata with a cab and a guide..$40.00us Worth the while hitting grocery store for coffee and vanilla to bring home…CHEAP The weekend entertainment is best because the locals come here to stay on the weekends. The disco is as weak as it is at every resort in this rating area. Did you really plan your vacation to disco anyway?

Lots of older retired people but lots of them have been returning for 15 or more years. Some of the best local travel information you will ever get is from these people. They always know the weather forecast for the week too. (LIKE YOUR MOM)…Where to wine, dine, shop and explore…Find one of these for great info.

Other Comments: People write reviews, in my opinion, mainly when they are bitter about someting but seldom write them to acknowledge a good experience. I saw miserable people there and heard people whining about the hot water or whatever it was. You are there for a week!!! You paid for it…make the best of it for blank sake. I speak for my wife and our good friends when I say that we had a great time in a great place and we would return without question. Some call it 3.5 star and others 4.. I have been to 3’s and 4’s, and 5’s as well. You get what you pay for in CANADA. You get what you pay for in the Dominican as well. If you want 5 star luxury and beach waitresses…Go to a 5 star and pay for it. This place is great…It’s at a good price…and intelligently spread out tips will get you the service anyway… I will happily share more info if you like.

Buenos Dias…..Mark

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